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Global environmental catastrophe: Straight into the Gates of Hell

Global environmental catastrophe: Straight into the Gates of Hell With the rhino and elephant memories from a distant past, joining the dodo showcased as museum exhibits, the Amazon became a barren desert. Welcome to Planet Earth some years before 2050. Massive storms raze whole areas of cities and devastate the agricultural plains, forests and fields of cereals, food shortages have given rise to gang-related deaths producing civil war-like casualty figures and potable water restrictions have led to widespread violence. Heatwaves have scorched regions once fertile, changing them into Mars-like landscapes and rising temperatures have made tropical diseases endemic in the northern hemisphere. Survival is the key, not quality of life.

The Senator’s letter

As I wrote other times in the past, the election of Donald Trump to the highest American political office has been accompanied by great hopes of change. Not only in terms of domestic politics and economy, but also in international terms. Many hoped, and still hope now, that Trump would have closed the season of proxy wars, regime changes achieved through psyco-police style interferences, continuous and bitter diplomatic clashes with Russia. Unfortunately, the current situation does not seem to evolve along the hoped directions. Not only Trump is continually opposed by a miserable intelligentsia (to put it in the Russian language) belonging to the faded American left, but the incredible hoax of a Trump as Kremlin agent, then infiltrated and treacherous under Putin's orders, blocked the new administration for more than two years. The Muller report, which exonerates Trump of the accusations, did not resolve complitely this impasse and many problems, that could have already been solved, still remain. Moreover, people like Bolton and Pompeo, always considered warmongers, have been nominated in key positions. The recent hostility against China (however, predictable from the electoral campaign) and unfortunately the new one against the Iran have joined the old hostility towards Russia. About the ayatollahs in Tehran, it is reasonable to ask whether Trump is only ill-advised by his entourage or if he's following a personal inclination or inevitably if he's trying to pay a debt with the Jewish lobby to which he owes, according to some rumors, being exonerated from the charge of treason. Exonerated from the charge, but still absurdly at risk of impeachment. We cannot give a precise answer but we can in any case to affirm, without fear of being contradicted, that a war against Iran would be frighteningly expensive in terms of human lives and material damage. Both sides would be in the grip of a condition, alas, cathartic but the Americans would be the invading enemies and the Iranians those who defend themselves as attacked: they would fight like tigers for their homes, their fathers, their mothers, wives and children. Iran is an ancient country whose people have roots that date back to ancient empires. Why should they surrender without charging the highest possible price?

Is the Trump Regime Heading for War on Iran?

Is the Trump Regime Heading for War on Iran? by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) Will US war on humanity include Iran on its target list, a nation able to hit back hard if attacked? 
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