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Sri Lanka: Blood on the New Silk Road

By Emanuel Pietrobon April 21, 2019, it was Easter for Christians around the world. In Sri Lanka, six suicide bombers explode simultaneously in six different points chosen because overcrowded with Christians and Westerner tourists. The targets were three Catholic churches in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo (the capital), and three luxury hotel in Colombo, the Shangri-La, the Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury. Later the same day, five people, including three policemen, died during a confrontation with suspects in Colombo's suburbs who blew themselves up.

America’s choice: a party of criminals or a party of cowards

By David Hoffman If there is one unwritten, but immutable, law governing the world, it is that people advocating for social change, or even revolution, are automatically at a disadvantage. One reason is that those who uphold the status-quo are often also the ones profiting from it.  Absent significant motivation, they are not about to yield even a modicum of power or privilege, regardless of how corrupt or unjust this status-quo might be.

Meet Jeremy Hunt: The (Lightweight) Laboratory Politician

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary: Squeaky clean, making the right sounds at the right time, the epitome of today's political class of elected representatives Jeremy Hunt, the British Foreign Secretary, has apparently made a reference that he would welcome Kay Burley of Sky News as a potential Number Ten spin doctor. Kay Burley? The one as famous for her questions "How do you go to the toilet" as is her news outfit with its "Hey guys! Looking for some revenge for 9/11?" in Iraq and reporting that Gaddafy was bombing civilians in Tripoli. And apparently, she turned the idea town. Jeremy Hunt is the type of person who would spend his youth speaking about the special attributes of "The Englishman" in public debates as a schoolboy, delighting audiences with soundbite snippets such as "The Englishman always arrives early for a meeting but brings a cast-iron excuse with him if he is late", or "The Englishman spends hours in the Spanish sun poring over Wisden's cricket almanac".

Notre Dame, Brexit and Assange: What matters

Notre Dame, Brexit and Assange: What matters Notre Dame bears a fleeting tear but not a permanent scar. The same cannot be said for Brexit-laden Britain where a huge injustice awaits Assange. A tear, a scar and a gaping wound - the consequences of a week of news culminating in the patrimonial catastrophe experienced by the City of Light, the death throes of Parliamentary democracy in the UK and the question of freedom opened by Assange.

Does the world need evil?

By David Hoffman During my years of writing for Pravda.Ru, many of my articles, either implicitly or explicitly, discussed four fundamental themes. The first is that the actions and inactions of human beings are incessantly motivated by their basest instincts, and then rationalizations or faux justifications are manufactured to conceal this reality.

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning: Martyred Behind Bars for Truth-Telling

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning: Martyred Behind Bars for Truth-Telling In 2013, Assange said "(Chelsea) Manning has become a martyr, adding: She "didn't choose to be a martyr. I don't think it's a proper way for activists to behave to choose to be martyrs, but these (individuals, Manning, Edward Snowden and others) have risked their freedom, risked their lives, for all of us. That makes them heroes."

Global peace and security: Why wars on humanity?

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."  Albert Einstein By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD. The global systems of political governance are dominated by the power politics of the few and fast becoming irrelevant and unrepresentative of the primary concerns and priorities of the vast majority of global humanity. The UNO or superpowers take no preventive measures to protect the mankind in critical situations like Myanmar-Burma (Rohingas), people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Yemen and Palestine, the global governance tends to be a fantasy than a reality.  You wonder if the UNO has lived up to its role and the Charter-based responsibility to safeguard the people of the world from the 'scourge of wars', horrors of planned violence, devastation of human cultures and habitats in good many raging conflicts. All in all, it is the humanity subjected to untold miseries, bloodbath and catastrophic consequences lingering on and unending for the generations to come. These few are the source of evil driving the mankind to unrestrained tyranny. The Statute of the International Criminal Court states "planning and waging a war of aggression is a crime against humanity."

The attack against the rising multipolar order goes through Nicaragua

By Emanuel Pietrobon Nicaragua is a Central American country whose control has been historically a top priority of the US foreign agenda for Latin America. The country's perfect geostrategic position is the reason of its curse: it is halfway between Mexico and Colombia, near Panama, a strip of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The possibility of a second "Cuba-scenario" pushed the United States to feed one of the longest civil wars in history, which lasted from 1961 until 1990, provoking over 50 thousand deaths.

US/Israel Planning Syria-Type War in Lebanon?

US/Israel Planning Syria-Type War in Lebanon?   Hezbollah forces are a significant counterweight to US/Israeli aims for unchallenged regional dominance - why both countries aim to neutralize them.

The nightmare called Libya

The nightmare called Libya Until 2010, Libya was a stable, peaceful country in which communities lived together in harmony and people went about their business. I choose the year 2010, and not 2011 when the violence started because by the end of 2010 dark forces from Western Europe had already gathered in Benghazi, plotting the unrest which would lead to Libya's civil war from 2011 onwards, culminating in the total destabilization of the State.

All the errors of Italy in Libya

At this point it is clear that something has gone wrong. Libya, whose transition was to be our flagship, proved to be a container of chaos in which Italy has (at least so far) lost its battle. Maybe not the war, because that can still change its course. But certainly the advance of Khalifa Haftar represents yet another signal of a chain of errors to which Rome has never really given a turning point. by Lorenzo Vita Libya has been a series of false steps for our governments, of which we are facing extreme consequences today. Needless to make the history of the conflict: the fall of Muhammar Gaddafi and the forced involvement of our country was a first failure. We radically changed strategy on a government with which we had built a useful axis for our interests. Were we forced? Probably. But it is clear that this war was a mistake that still affects our interests today.

Brexit: An undeliverable product

Brexit: An undeliverable product On June 23, 2016, just over half of those who turned out to vote in the United Kingdom bought the dream they were being sold: Here is the end of the rainbow. As those interested in geo-political events around the world and in the European Union try to find some sense in what is going on in the UK, and since those in the UK appear not to have a clue what is taking place, where the country is heading and how to deliver Brexit, or not - including the elected representatives of the people in Parliament - let us try to find a consensus and what seems to be missing in today's world, namely common sense.
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