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Antidepressants make Americans happiest people in the world

By Dr. Sawraj Singh Not that long ago, we were invited to a party in Delhi. A lady had just come back from her first time visit to America. She said that Americans are the happiest people. She saw everybody smiling and never saw anybody sad or depressed. Just before coming to India during that visit we happened to see a slide presentation by a girl who had been to Mexico and she was sharing her experiences there. She said that the thing that struck her most was that in spite of the people being so poor compared to us (Americans) they looked much happier than us. I told this Delhi woman who felt that she belonged to the elite and therefore, understands everything, that some time appearances can be deceptive. I asked her if the Americans are the happiest people in the world then why they consumed more antidepressants and tranquilizers than anywhere else in the world. I advised her to just look at how many millions of prescriptions for these drugs are written each year in America.                                                         However, this wrong perception about America and the west is not just limited to the Delhi elite this misconception is now shared by people of all walks in Punjab. This unreal and wrong perception about the west is also actively promoted by the travel agents, more than12000 IELTS coaching centers and all other vested interests those are making money of the tragedy of migration. I call it a tragedy because this exodus of Punjabis is destroying Punjab, ruining the careers of many brilliant students who will have to settle for the jobs much lower than their potential and for many young people from good families being forced to live the life as criminals. 

Creating Peace in Kashmir

By Imran Malik The emergency session held by the UNSC on 16 August 2019 on the Kashmir issue(s) between India and Pakistan and India and China (Ladakh) was significant for many reasons, most importantly because it involved three of the world's nine known nuclear powers! Two, it resurrected the Kashmir issue at the world's most premium forum, the UNSC. Three, it internationalized the Kashmir issue highlighting the vicious and ruthless violations of Human Rights and all types of personal freedoms by the 900,000 strong Indian Occupation Forces there. Four, it reiterated Kashmir's position as the unfinished agenda of the subcontinent's partition as well as the UNSC's Resolutions on it. Five, it warned the world of the possible nuclear Armageddon and the subsequent nuclear winter to follow were the Kashmir issue to linger on unattended, unresolved. Six, Ladakh's annexation by India has clearly attracted Chinese opprobrium and inevitably drawn them into to the conundrum as well. However, the grave challenge posed by PM Modi's strategic faux pas in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) needs to be turned into a real opportunity by the UN/UNSC/P5 to pre-empt a potential (nuclear) war and create peace in the region by resolving the Kashmir imbroglio expeditiously.

Trump Regime’s Hardball with China a Losing Strategy

Trump Regime's Hardball with China a Losing Strategy China is a major player on the world stage, geopolitical know-nothing Trump outclassed, outshined, and outwitted by its ruling authorities. He's an embarrassment compared to other major world leaders, a laughing stock geopolitical wrecking ball.

For sale, one soul: ask for JAY-Z

For sale, one soul:  ask for JAY-Z    I'm sure that everyone, at some point in his/her life, has encountered an individual who boasted, "I'd never do such and such, because it would violate what I believe in."

Two minutes of hatred

George Orwell wrote 1984 thinking of it as a book of denunciation against a dystopic and horrible future, not as a manual of use for a power that wants to ensnare peoples, deceive them and make them docile sheep. Instead, exactly the opposite is happening, even in Italy: it has been seen in recent years, with the past governments of the progressive Italian Left and a few days ago, on the occasion of the government crisis of mid-August. Matteo Salvini, the strong man of the Northern League, has unleashed the crisis on the priming of powers outside Italy but he has put himself in a corner just by himself and now risks ending KO. It has quickly become the object of an avalanche of resentment that goes far beyond the sadly famous two minutes of hatred against the common enemy that in Orwell's dystopia serve to let the people vent and keep it subjugated. It reflects a transnational clash that has repercussions on Italian politics but, unfortunately, also emphasizes other aspects. The 5 Star Movement's reaction to the announcement of the government crisis was not what could be expected from adults, experts in the complexity of politics and its subtleties. It was rather the decomposed and hysterical reaction of a political party apparently in the hands of women and homosexuals, certainly not in those of virile and expert men.

Don’t give up, Fight the Good Fight

Don't give up, Fight the Good Fight The world is a better place because people fight for this, but for every action, there is a reaction. We need to remember that what we have won can be lost Observe any group of antilopes, or any other animal of choice, and you will see more or less the same thing: a group of dominant males vying for leadership, another group of younger males awaiting their turn and a group of females whose lot it is to procreate and look after the kids. Those who are already chortling in self-righteousness and agreeing that the woman's place is in the kitchen therefore place themselves at the same level as a herd of cattle.

The Axis of Eternity

By Guy Somerset You have to make time, even for something as universal as staring at the stars. That is a quote by someone very important to me who committed suicide nearly three years ago.
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