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On the collapse of civility in Western nations: living in the era of ‘not nice’

By Michael Pravica In case you haven't noticed it, things seem to be going from bad to worse.  Day in and day out, there is an astonishing level of ever-worsening anarchy and barbarity in our society.  Driving on our roads is like racing in a demolition derby.  Few signal their intentions switching lanes (e.g.).  No one opens doors for anyone anymore. Few help old people cross the street.  People don't say "hello" or even smile on the street.  Less and less of us communicate as actual humans - preferring sterile, noncommittal texting, Fa-cebook, Twitter, Instagram and other electronic/robotic means to "connect with" our many fake/virtual "friends."  The mainstream media supplies us a steady diet of violence, sex, filthy dirty dumb "humor," and caters to the lowest common denominator of society with coprolalia and vicious slander freely dis-tributed to the masses.  Daily, we read about the incessant back and forth battles that Donald Trump is having with the "fake news" corporate-controlled mainstream media which are getting ever more des-perate and vicious.  So much so that ubiquitous "anonymous" and fake sources trying to create division and paranoia within the President's inner circle and within the nation at large.  We read about ongo-ing Twitter missives between various celebrities chock full of delicious insults and uncouth language.  "Celebrities" routinely bash our President and have even committed grotesque public animalistic actions (e.g. "comedian" Kathy Griffin mockingly holding Donald Trump's severed head).  Obviously, to them, there is no limit to the depth of their hatred and amoral depravity (even if viewed by children) and they will do literally anything including break the law to get their way.

A glimpse into the past and the future

A glimpse into the past and the future If we could put Einstein's theory to the test and travel faster than the speed of light, bending time and jumping forwards, what would we find? Or on the other hand, suppose we traveled backwards two thousand years, to Roman times and to Rome itself? At first sight, we would be overwhelmed by the noise, the hustle-bustle on the streets, the rumble of carts, the clattering of hooves on cobbled streets, the shouting of orders over the cacophony of one million souls crammed into the capital city.

Britain does a Malvinas on Russia

Britain does a Malvinas on Russia When Galtieri attacked the Falklands to mask his massive internal problems, the Argentineans fell for it. Today, the UK does the same with Russia. To what end? Attack is the best form of defense. An external threat brings people together. General Galtieri of Argentina attacked the Falklands Islands to unite his people against an external foe, the United Kingdom; President Clinton decided to ratchet up the hate talk against Serbia when he was caught dilly-dallying with girls in the White House; Hitler attacked Poland after accusing the Polish side of massacres in Eastern Germany. And now the United Kingdom, on International Peace Day, calls Russia (yet again) a "hostile state".

International Peace Day: We demand Peace!

International Peace Day: We demand Peace! This is not a request, an idea or an ideal, it is an outright, fist-slamming-on-the-table demand from the people, the citizens of the world. We demand peace. September 21 is the United Nations World Peace Day, or International Day of Peace, celebrated since 1982, calling for, at the very least, cessation of hostilities in conflict zones and marked by the ringing of a bell at UN headquarters to the sound of coins donated by children from all continents, except Africa.
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