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A Predictable Coup in Bolivia

In the streets of Bolivia, has talked to opponent civilians and policemen, among others: "Civilians, with policemen and some military, are advancing a coup." Active protesters have seen hidden policemen being transported by ambulances, maybe from other parts of the country: is the government preparing a siege?  "We have seen hidden policemen, being transported by ambulances," said to in Santa Cruz de la Sierra city last Wednesday two active protesters, opponents to the Bolivian President Evo Morales. At 24 de Septiembre Square, they started then to discuss between them, in a tense way, the possibilities of that atypical transportation in Bolivia's most tense days in the last 16 years, as violence and terror are spreading all over the country.  On the following day, two policemen in the same place, where everything happens in Bolivia's richest city, confided to "Civilians, with policemen and some military, are advancing a coup." According to them, the perpetrators of Morales' overthrown are well aware that would lead to a bloody confrontation across the South American country. "The government will call the military to take to the streets, many will be killed."

Syria 2019: Matteo Carnieletto’s opinion

Syria 2019: Matteo Carnieletto's opinion   Several times threatened, the direct Turkish intervention in the Syrian war materialized last October 9 under the misleading name of "Source of Peace", with the aim of striking Kurds who, hostile to Ankara, found refuge in the cross-border border between Syria and Turkey.

Joe Biden: Over his head, out of his depth

Joe Biden: Over his head, out of his depth After years of Russophobic insolence and diatribes and after his family's recent history in Ukraine was exposed for all to see, it is crystal clear who and what Joe Biden is: in a word, unfit for office as POTUS. He should not take himself too seriously... In constantly pressing the anti-Russia button, Biden is following a line which has become hackneyed to the point of ridicule. It is a line which is popular among those of his generation, growing up in the shadow of McCarthyism, those who belong to the yesteryear of international relations, whose generation created the hell-hole which is planet Earth today. They believe that if you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make her/him afraid. This involves creating ogres and monsters, non-existent enemies, creating a strong image of "them" to justify "us" and tell people that if they vote for you, then you will keep them safe and they can go back to their political slumberland drooling over a can of beer as they watch Barney belching on The Simpsons and curl up giggling. They then sidle up to the military-industrial complex and create hotspots to create conflict and sell weapons acting at the same time as a portal for the interests of the Lobbies, the BARFFS (Banking, Arms, eneRgy, Finance, Food, drugS).

Kurds and ethnic cleansing – no countries for Western men

Currently the latest Great Scramble is on in the Middle East. Land and resources are being carved up yet again though mercifully this time without any participation of the United States. President Trump surprisingly (even astonishingly) kept his word about getting America out of this tribal squabble long enough for Turkey to make its move against the Kurds whom they regard as terrorists. Am I Not a Man? - Who are the Kurds

Kashmir and India’s centre of gravity

The Union of India's ostensible Centre of Gravity (COG), its Unity, is under direct threat by multiple forces; the two most critical ones being the brazen imposition of the divisive, fascist, supremacist and racist Hindutva ideology by the present Modi Government and the plethora of separatist/independence movements raging within. Its importance in a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multireligious, multilingual conglomerate of vastly distinct nationalities cannot be overstated. The COG is generally defined as the source of power that provides a nation or its militaries the moral or physical strength, freedom of action and/or will to act. In other words, it is the source of all strength. A nation's COG is determined by considering whether destroying, neutralizing or substantially weakening or degrading it will create a "ripple or cascading effect" resulting in the progressive deterioration of its morale, cohesion and will to fight and thereby prevent it from accomplishing its objectives.(Wikipedia). India's apparent COG could thus be converted into a critical vulnerability too; there are fissures within the Union as many states/peoples seek independence. Furthermore, this critical vulnerability can morph into a fatal vulnerability when attacked and destroyed from within; deliberately or by default. The RSS-BJP-Modi Government is doing exactly this while fanatically implementing its divisive and contentious RSS-Hindutva ideology.

US Syria Pullout Leaves Troops in North and South

US Syria Pullout Leaves Troops in North and South US aggression, occupation and control of Syrian territory is a flagrant UN Charter breach - a hard truth establishment media ignore, falsely blaming Bashar al-Assad for US-led imperial high crimes committed against his country.  The same goes for US actions in other war theaters - nations smashed for not subordinating their sovereign rights to Washington's interests.

US Syria Pullout? A Saigon Moment?

US Syria Pullout? A Saigon Moment?  The 1972 Church/Case amendment ended congressional funding for US military operations in Southeast Asia - except for withdrawal of Pentagon forces, subject to release of prisoners of war. In June 1973, congressional legislation ended all funding after August 15. After escalating Southeast Asia war to Cambodia and Laos, wanting it ended was a key reason why US dark forces sought Nixon's removal from office. 

Donald Trump is going insane

Donald Trump is going insane In several previous articles I’ve written for Pravda.Report, I have analogized the rise of George W. Bush and Donald Trump to the highest office in United States government to the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. While I did this with the realization and understanding that, to many people, Hitler represents a unique form of evil, I felt the world would be remiss if they forgot the political tactics and circumstances that allowed Hitler to obtain power, and that many of these tactics and circumstances have contributed to the rise of both Bush Jr. and Trump.

Millions Hungry and Food Insecure in the US

Millions Hungry and Food Insecure in the US by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) Poverty, unemployment, underemployment, hunger, food insecurity, and overall deprivation affect million of households in the world's richest country USA.

The EU’s serious inability to deal with crime and terror threats

Europe is clearly having serious issues with internal security and facts speak for themselves; in a period of time that goes from September 17th to October 9th, France, Italy and Germany have seen a series of attacks that cannot avoid raising concerns. On September 17th a Yemeni refugee armed with a pair of scissors attacked a military unit stationed outside Milan's Central train station while yelling "Allahu akbar", wounding a soldier belonging to the "Alpini" infantry corps before being taken down and blocked by 51 year-old Senegalese citizen Diagne Samba, who was just passing nearby. A video shot by Russian tourists as well as local witnesses have exposed how the unit appeared paralyzed during the attack and some even raised the question of what would have happened if Mr. Diagne hadn't been there. Eventually it turned out that the 23 year-old Yemeni was already known to Italian authorities as he had already created problems the previous night by climbing a roof and threatening other refugees with a pen. However the following day he was free to wonder around and attack the units patrolling the station. In his phone the investigators found videos of the war in Yemen.
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