Félix Boudreau – Never Give Up

Hello Friends and Guests,

Today it’s relaxing day! Lets stay on sofa and hear this amazing future bass tune:

Few informations about the producer who made this masterpiece;

Félix Boudreau is a 17 year old, DJ/producer from Montréal, Canada. A year ago, his love for music turned all over. He discovered a new passion, wich is producing and creating his own music. Félix’s biggest dream is to actually make it in the music industry (Releasing worldwide hits and headlining some of the best festivals around the world). He knows that it’s going to be pretty difficult to make all of this happens, but Félix is motivated to make his dreams come true.

He has a long support list:

-Steve Aoki
-Tyron Hapi
-Timmo Hendriks
-Sophie Francis
-Breathe Carolina
-Bombs Away
-Nicolas Fasano
and many others!

We say a big “Good Luck” at Felix for his career, we hope he’ll be one of the “Top 100”.

Get in touch with Felix : @Soundcloud @Facebook @YouTube

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