Daily Archives: 7 Ottobre 2019

Portuguese Legislative Elections: Alliance to the Left

Portuguese Legislative Elections: Alliance to the Left After four years of political stability, with a Socialist government supported by the Left Block (Bloco de Esquerda) and the CDU (Communists and Greens), the result of yesterday's legislative election in Portugal points towards a similar scenario, one in which the Left was a clear winner over the Right. The Socialist Party led by Prime Minister António Costa fell short of the 116 Members of Parliament necessary for an absolute majority (in a house of 230 MPs) and once again needs the consent of other parties to govern with stability. For the last four years, he relied on the support of the Left Block and CDU (Unitary Democratic Coalition, of the PCP - Communist Party and PEV - Ecological Party -Greens), a loose agreement called in Portuguese "geringonça" (contraption), but one that worked.
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