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Turkey Syria offensive: Some US troops to stay, says Trump

The president's comments come despite him insisting he wants them all pulled out.

Naruhito: Japan’s emperor to ascend throne in ritual-bound ceremony

The elaborate ceremony will be conducted in the presence of an ancient sword and jewel.

Trump Running Out of Options for Homeland Security Secretary – The New York Times

  1. Trump Running Out of Options for Homeland Security Secretary  The New York Times
  2. White House Personnel Director Tells Trump Top DHS Secretary Picks Ineligible for Job  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Trump aides nix his picks to take over DHS  POLITICO
  4. White House personnel director told Trump that Cuccinelli isn't eligible for DHS chief  CNN
  5. Immigration Hard-Liners Fight For Cuccinelli To Be Next DHS Secretary  NPR
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Why Botswana’s election could be decided by elephants and diamonds

The BDP has won every election in Botswana since independence in 1966, but this year there is a real chance that could change.

The Kenyan ghostwriters doing ‘lazy’ Western students’ work

University students in Europe and the US are paying Kenyans to do their academic work for them.

Milan, la differenza fra i due tempi

Da quando è iniziato il campionato, il Milan ha incassato solo due gol nel primo tempo e ben nove nel secondo tempo.

Lega-Mediapro, l’offerta a novembre

(ANSA) - MILANO, 21 OTT - E' rinviato a novembre l'esame della Lega di Serie A sull'offerta di Mediapro per i diritti tv dal triennio 2021/24, ancora in fase di definizione.

Manovra, accordo sul carcere agli evasori. A luglio la stretta sui contanti e le multe a chi non usa il Pos – la Repubblica

  1. Manovra, accordo sul carcere agli evasori. A luglio la stretta sui contanti e le multe a chi non usa il Pos  la Repubblica
  2. Conte «corregge» la manovra. Dietrofront sulle partite Iva, carcere per chi froda il fisco. Slittano tetto ai...  Corriere della Sera
  3. Manovra, multe su Pos posticipate a luglio 2020. Intesa su carcere evasori in dl fisco. Superbonus Befana nel 2021  Il Messaggero
  4. Intesa su Pos e sui contanti: ma partiranno solo da luglio. Sì alla tagliola delle manette
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Practice report: Alabama begins Arkansas prep –

  1. Practice report: Alabama begins Arkansas prep
  2. No. 1 Alabama preparing for QB Mac Jones' starting debut  Yahoo Sports
  3. SEC Shorts - Alabama fan set to donate ankle to Tua  SEC Shorts
  4. Where things stand with Tua Tagovailoa
  5. Wisconsin, Boise State drop like a rock in latest Coaches Poll, Penn State moves into top six
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Pioli meglio di Giampaolo ma la beffa con il Lecce offre tre risposte: 1) Piatek deve giocare con Leao. 2) Biglia non può essere titolare. 3) I nuovi acquisti hanno poco spazio

In attesa di trovarlo sul campo e soprattutto per tutti i 90’ e oltre, come sperava invano Gattuso, il nuovo Milan di Stefano Pioli ha scoperto suo malgrado l’equilibrio nel risultato.

Conte «corregge» la manovra. Dietrofront sulle partite Iva, carcere per chi froda il fisco. Slittano tetto ai… – Corriere della Sera

  1. Conte «corregge» la manovra. Dietrofront sulle partite Iva, carcere per chi froda il fisco. Slittano tetto ai...  Corriere della Sera
  2. Intesa su Pos e sui contanti: ma partiranno solo da luglio. Sì alla tagliola delle manette
  3. Manovra, multe su Pos posticipate a luglio 2020. Intesa su carcere evasori in dl fisco. Superbonus Befana nel 2021  Il Messaggero
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Lazio, Immobile a caccia di record: il centravanti biancoceleste può entrare nella storia –

  1. Lazio, Immobile a caccia di record: il centravanti biancoceleste può entrare nella storia
  2. Gasperini: "Il comunicato della Lazio è demenziale". Il club romano: "Livello assolutamente ingiustificabile"  La Gazzetta dello Sport
  3. Lazio - Atalanta, lo sfogo di Gasperini non va giù a Immobile  La Lazio Siamo Noi
  4. Champions, Gasperini: "Orgoglioso dei complimenti di Guardiola. E il comunicato della Lazio è demenziale"  la Repubblica
  5. Lazio, monopolio Milinkovic: con i numeri primeggia nella rosa di Inzaghi  TUTTO mercato WEB
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Referendum on Trudeau: Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck as voters go to the polls in Canadian election

Canadians heading to the polls are faced with the choice of whether to grant a second term to scandal-plagued PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party — or to hand the reins of power to Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.

Trudeau, who raced to historic victory four years ago having branded himself as a young, fresh-faced progressive, likely did not expect to face such an uphill battle just four years later. Polls are extremely tight and analysts expect that whether the Liberals or Conservatives manage to pull ahead on Monday, the most likely outcome is that a minority government will be formed — a scenario in which the leading party must win support from other parties to be able to successfully pass legislation.

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© Reuters / Carlos Osorio
Golden boy no more: As an election looms, two-faced Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canada

An Ipsos poll published on October 15 showed the Liberals at 35 percent support and the Conservatives at 34 percent — but the most recent pre-election indications from the pollster showed the Conservatives with a slight lead of 33 percent to the Liberals’ 31 percent. No party, however, looks likely to win the 170 seats necessary to form a majority government in the House of Commons.

Referendum on Trudeau?

One thing is certain, however: Monday’s election is seen not necessarily as an assessment of the Liberals in general, but as a referendum on Trudeau personally. His premiership has been plagued by controversies — and while he might be hoping for the best, the embattled PM is surely bracing for the worst. Just days ago he warned voters that there "is a chance" the election could result in victory for the Conservatives.

In a sign of how tense and toxic the campaign has become, Scheer supporters broke into a chant of "lock him up, lock him up!" about Trudeau at a campaign event in Ontario at the weekend after the Conservative leader promised he would get to the bottom of the ongoing SNC Lavalin corruption scandal. The scene was reminiscent of Donald Trump’s anti-Hillary Clinton rallies during the 2016 US election.

Trudeau is alleged to have applied serious pressure to Canada’s ex-attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould in an effort to force her to abandon a bribery investigation into SNC Lavalin — a Canadian firm accused of bribing officials to win lucrative business contracts in pre-NATO intervention Libya.

Liberal Canadians have also been angered by Trudeau’s seemingly phony progressivism as he talked plenty about climate change, but was seen to betray his promises by putting corporate oil interests ahead of environmentalism and buying the Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5 billion — and vowing to expand it, despite a mass protests and objections from First Nations indigenous people. He also faced backlash for having broken federal ethics rules when he took a tropical vacation to an island owned by the Aga Khan in 2016.

Despite the scandals, Trudeau is still credited with many successes and campaign promises fulfilled, however — including the legalization of recreational cannabis and the introduction of a means-tested child benefit scheme. His government also reduced the age to receive Old Age Security from 67 back down to 65 — and introduced legislation on transgender rights. But Trudeau's fall from grace continued after he found himself at the centre of a blackface and ‘brownface’ scandal just weeks before the vote.

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(L) © Reuters / Philippe Wojazer; (R) Reuters / Stefano Rellandini
Red-handed in blackface: THIRD example of Justin Trudeau in ‘racist’ makeup surfaces after PM swears he only did it ‘twice’

Who else is in the running?

This election has mainly been a dogfight between the Liberals and Conservatives, but other smaller parties have attempted to capitalize on the dissatisfaction with Trudeau in the hopes that they could act as power brokers after the vote. 

The left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) made gains during the final weeks of the campaign, thanks in part to strong debate performances by party leader Jagmeet Singh. The party has climbed from 14 percent support to around 20 percent support right before the election, according to some polls. The Green Party, meanwhile, who have positioned themselves as the only party serious about tackling climate change, have been hovering around 8 percent support.

Aware that many progressives are sorely disappointed in his leadership, Trudeau has encouraged Canadians to vote tactically, arguing that by giving their vote to the Greens or the NDP, they risk allowing the Conservatives to slip into power.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Green Party leader Elizabeth May and People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier © Reuters / Chris Wattie

Lesser-supported fringe parties like the right-wing anti-immigration People's Party of Canada (PPC) and the Quebec nationalism party Bloc Québécois are also vying for seats. Conservatives worry that the PPC could swipe some of their votes from more right-leaning Canadians, but the party is still polling below 3 percent. As for the Bloc Québécois, recent polls have shown them surging in French-speaking region in the run up to voting day.

While much of the media coverage and talk has focused on Trudeau and his record, it hasn’t been plain-sailing for Scheer either. He has faced his own scandals, including being accused of concealing the fact that he holds a US passport. Sources also recently told The Globe and Mail that Scheer’s Conservatives hired the Daisy Group consulting firm to launch a coordinated campaign to smear PPC leader Maxime Bernier and his supporters as racist. 

What are the biggest issues?

Aside from issues of personality, economic and environmental concerns have been on voters’ minds. The economy is picking up and unemployment is at near record low, but many Canadians still feel they aren't reaping the benefits or seeing the results in their own pockets. While some say they care about climate issues, many are also angered by the federal carbon tax imposed on provinces that failed to bring in their own climate change plans.

Healthcare has also been a major issue, despite a general consensus that Canada is an example of a country with a successful healthcare system. While the government covers necessary healthcare costs for Canadians, there are still concerns over wait times for non-emergency treatments and procedures, as well as complaints about the lack of doctors in more rural areas. The Conservatives have promised to cut wait times by buying more MRI and CT scan machines, while the Liberals say they will cut prescription costs.

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People hold signs protesting Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline outside the British Columbia Supreme Court, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, April 18, 2018. ©REUTERS/Ben Nelms
'No longer US prisoner': Canada green-lights pipeline expansion despite environmental concerns

Though, overall, many Canadians still feel the election campaign has been mostly about “nothing” and has been a “desert” from a public policy perspective, with no one issue dominating the headlines, no big ideas, and the vote turning into a referendum on Trudeau more than a serious discussion of policy differences.

Preliminary results are expected to be announced at around 8pm on Monday, but Canadians may be left in a cliffhanger situation if predictions are correct and neither party wins enough seats to form a majority government. In the event that the Conservatives win more seats than the Liberals, Trudeau, as the leader of the party in power, would technically still be allowed the first shot at forming a government with support from other parties. 

Yet, whatever happens, it certainly looks unlikely that Trudeau will pull off a repeat of the 2015 election when his party won 184 seats in a stunning upset, stealing power from the Conservatives, who had held on to it for the previous decade.

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Female astronauts answer questions from orbit after spacewalk

US astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch answer questions about their all-female space walk.

Trump ‘fully prepared’ for military action against Turkey – Pompeo

US President Donald Trump is “fully prepared” to use military force against Turkey if “needed,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has declared, qualifying the statement by insisting Washington prefers to use its “diplomatic powers.”

“We prefer peace to war,” Pompeo told CNBC in a taped interview that aired Monday afternoon.

But in the event that kinetic action or military action is needed, you should know that President Trump is fully prepared to undertake that action.

He stopped short of revealing what action on Turkey’s part would constitute such a “need.”

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President Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting in Washington DC © Reuters / Leah Millis
Ditch the Kurds, grab the oil? Trump says US ‘never committed’ to Syrian allies, but SecDef says Washington still committed to oil

Pompeo added that Washington would use economic and “diplomatic powers” before breaking out the heavy artillery. He did not want to “get out in front of the president’s decision about whether to take the awesome undertaking of using America’s military might,” he said, indicating that it was up to Trump to decide whether Ankara had crossed the line.

Trump had earlier touted the wisdom of giving Turkey some space to enact its campaign on the border of Syria against Kurdish groups Ankara considers to be terrorists. “Sometimes you have to let them fight a little while, then people find out how tough the fighting is,” he quipped at a campaign rally last week. “Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight, and then you pull them apart.”

Turkey and the US agreed on a five-day ceasefire last week, allowing the Kurds to clear the area Ankara wants to turn into a safe zone. While both sides have accused the other of breaking the temporary truce, Trump bragged to reporters on Monday that “the ceasefire’s holding.

Some US troops were withdrawn from northeast Syria earlier this month before Turkey launched its operation, but their future remains unknown. The Pentagon insists they will remain in Syria to guard the oil fields while Trump has said they will be redeployed elsewhere in the Middle East. 

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© Reuters / Murad Sezer
Turkey names banker US convicted of Iran sanctions-dodging as head of STOCK EXCHANGE

The Pentagon has called on NATO to sanction Turkey, despite its being a member of the alliance, and both the president and Congress have threatened their own sanctions against the country.

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Morti in corsia a Saronno, periti: farmaci non corretti

Ha prescritto e somministrato farmaci “non coerenti né corretti con le buone pratiche mediche accreditate dalla comunità scientifica nazionale e internazionale in tema di cure palliative” Leonardo Cazzaniga, l’ex viceprimario del pronto soccorso di Saronno, in provincia di Varese, a processo davanti alla Corte d’Assise di Busto Arsizio per 15 morti sospette. A scriverlo in una perizia super partes consegnata ai giudici i tre periti incaricati dal tribunale di valutare l’operato del medico.

Esaminato il ruolo anche di altri quattro medici

 I consulenti hanno spiegato in aula di aver esaminato anche il ruolo di altri quattro medici della commissione interna al pronto soccorso di Varese, accusati a vario titolo di omessa denuncia e favoreggiamento. Tre di loro, stando ai periti del Tribunale, avrebbero potuto e dovuto valutare il corretto approccio terapeutico dell'ex viceprimario. Nel quarto caso invece, quello del medico legale Maria Luisa Pennuto, la donna non avrebbe potuto valutare le condotte di Cazzaniga.

Il medico ai domiciliari dopo tre anni in cella

Il medico era stato arrestato nel novembre del 2016 con l'accusa di aver causato la morte di dodici pazienti in corsia e tre nella famiglia dell’ax amante Laura Taroni condannata in Appello a 30 anni per due morti in concorso su tre. Secondo l'accusa Cazzaniga avrebbe provocato la loro morte somministrando in rapida successione quantitativi eccessivi di farmaci. A settembre, dopo tre anni di detenzione, il medico ha ottenuto gli arresti domiciliari da scontare in casa dei genitori con il braccialetto elettronico.


Turkey names banker US convicted of Iran sanctions-dodging as head of STOCK EXCHANGE

A Turkish banker convicted of helping Iran avoid US sanctions has been named head of the Turkish stock exchange in a defiant gesture to Washington as US President Donald Trump threatens Ankara with its own sanctions.

Hakan Atilla has been appointed general manager of Borsa Istanbul, Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak announced on Monday. Atilla, a former deputy general manager at Turkish state-owned Halkbank, returned to Turkey in July after serving part of a 32-month prison sentence. He was convicted in 2018 of five counts of conspiracy and bank fraud related to his alleged involvement in a multibillion-dollar sanctions dodging scheme, but Turkey maintained his innocence throughout the trial proceedings, slamming the guilty verdict as “scandalous.” 

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US President Donald Trump
‘Fully prepared to destroy economy’: Trump sanctions Turkish officials, raises steel tariffs & stops $100bn trade deal

Halkbank itself was hit with a six-count indictment for fraud, money laundering, and sanctions offenses last week centering on the transfer of some $20 billion in Iranian oil and gas profits between 2012 and 2016. Meanwhile, Trump has promised a 50-percent tariff on Turkish steel and cancelled a $100 billion trade deal over Turkey’s anti-terror operation in northeast Syria, while the Pentagon has called on Ankara’s NATO allies to sanction the country. Should Turkey misbehave in some way, Trump warned repeatedly, he would “destroy Turkey’s economy.”

Congress has also begun the process of sanctioning Turkey over its activity in Syria, which is aimed at carving out a safe zone some 30km from the Turkish border to prevent attacks from Kurdish militias Ankara considers terrorists. 

Accused of devising a system to smuggle billions of dollars in Iranian funds through US financial institutions, Attila was fingered in 2016 by gold trader Reza Zarrab, who turned state’s witness and worked with the US government to ensnare the banker when he came to the US on a business trip. While Zarrab admitted to lying to federal agents, netting $150 million in profits from the scheme, and bribing Turkish co-conspirators, it was Atilla - who was on a plane with no cellphone service when he was supposedly making the calls that proved his involvement in the setup - who ended up taking the fall.

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US indicts Turkish bank over $20 BILLION in Iran oil money – but this may be linked to Trump impeachment

Zarrab was insulated from the fallout from his own misdeeds by his relationship with former New York mayor and current Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani, who pressed the president to drop the charges against the gold trader.

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Giornalisti dell’Espresso aggrediti dai neofascisti, il gruppo Gedi sarà parte civile

Nel processo per lesioni, minacce e rapina a Castellino di Forza Nuova e Vincenzo Nardulli di Avanguardia nazionale: calci e schiaffi a cronista e fotoreporter alla commemorazione dei morti di Acca Larentia

Indonesian woman climbs 15m wall in under seven seconds

Indonesian climber Aries Susanti Rahayu climbed this wall at just under 5mph.

Desirée, quattro rinviati a giudizio per violenza e omicidio

Il gup Clementina Forleo ha rinviato a giudizio quattro cittadini africani per la morte di Desirée Mariottini, la sedicenne di Cisterna di Latina trovata senza vita all'alba del 19 ottobre 2018 in un casolare abbandonato del quartiere San Lorenzo di Roma. Il processo, per reati che vanno dalla violenza sessuale all'omicidio, avrà inizio il 4 dicembre prossimo davanti alla terza corte d'assise di Roma.
Le quattro persone sono accusate di omicidio volontario e violenza sessuale di gruppo e cessione e somministrazione di droghe a minori. Il processo è stato fissato per il 4 dicembre davanti alle terza corte d'assise. A processo i nigeriani Alinno Chima, Mamadou Gara, detto Paco, il ghanese Yusef Salia e il senegalese Brian Minthe.

La nonna: "Nessuna sentenza ce la restituirà"

"Il nostro dolore non si potrà mai calmare. Nessuna sentenza ci restituirà mai la nostra Desirée". E' quanto afferma la nonna materna di Desirée, lasciando il tribunale di Roma dopo la decisione del gup che ha disposto il processo per quattro persone accusate anche di omicidio volontario.

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