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Iran confiscates British tanker in Strait of Hormuz – IRGC

Preview The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has seized the British oil tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz, Iranian media reported. UK authorities said the tanker had ‘veered off course’ before capture.
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Buriani: “Per agire sul mercato serve una cessione illustre. Paquetà? Può avere un grande futuro”

Ruben Buriani, ex calciatore rossonero, è intervenuto a Radio Sportiva e ha parlato del mercato del Milan: "Credo che la società rossonera sarà ben attenta sul mercato.

Trump administration weighs allowing no refugees into US next year – CNN

  1. Trump administration weighs allowing no refugees into US next year  CNN
  2. Trump officials pressing to slash refugee admissions to zero next year  POLITICO
  3. The Trump administration wants the US to admit zero refugees next year  ThinkProgress
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Estonia ferry disaster: French court rejects compensation claim

The court cites a lack of intentional fault as it rejects a claim for compensation over the 1994 sinking.

Trieste, dorme su un’amaca in pineta: turista multato per 300 euro

Trieste, dorme su un'amaca in pineta: turista multato per 300 euro

La sanzione a un uomo austriaco di 52 anni. Secondo la polizia violava il regolamento sul verde pubblico: "Negli spazi al verde è vietato appendere agli alberi e agli arbusti strutture di qualsiasi genere". L'ex governatrice friulana Serracchiani: "Serve ragionevolezza"

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Autonomia, sulla scuola passa la linea M5s | Conte blinda i ministri, Lega: “Incomprensibile la difesa di… – TGCOM

Autonomia, sulla scuola passa la linea M5s | Conte blinda i ministri, Lega: "Incomprensibile la difesa di...  TGCOM

"Abbiamo fatto significativi passi avanti sulle Autonomie. Ragionevolmente ci avviciniamo al passaggio finale". Lo ha annunciato Giuseppe Conte. Sarebbe ...

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Dangerous heatwave starts hitting US

About 200m people in the US may be affected, and temperatures could reach 100F (38C) in some areas.

Borei-class submarines take Russian Navy to new level of military technology

Presently, the Russian Navy has three Borei class submarines. They are nuclear-powered Yury Dolgoruky cruiser of the Northern Fleet, and Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh of the Pacific Fleet. These Borei class nuclear cruisers came to replace Project 941 Akula (Shark) submarines.Borei class submarines can be as long as 170 meters long, up to 13.5 meters wide, and a have displacement of 24,000 tons. They can submerge to a maximum depth of about 480 meters and develop an underwater speed of about 30 knots. The submarine can work autonomously for 90 days. The crew counts 107 men, of whom 55 are officers.The main weapon of Borei submarines is the intercontinental ballistic missile Bulava (RSM-56) - the sea version of the Topol-M ICBM SS-27, which carries from six to ten warheads with a capacity of 100-150 kilotons. Borei A class submarines can carry up to 20 ballistic missiles compared to 16 missiles of the previous generation sub. The missile is 12.1 meters long, it weighs a total of 36.8 tons and has a diameter of 2.1 meters (including the starting container).One Borei can carry from 120 to 200 hypersonic maneuverable warheads. The range is more than 8,300 kilometers. A missile can be launched both on the move and from under the Arctic ice. The Bulava missile can conduct evasive manoeuvres after launch and use various countermeasures against interception. The missile has enhanced protection from both physical and electromagnetic impact, which ensures safety when reaching designated targets.  Borei class submarines have the compact and effective hydrodynamic hull to reduce broadband noise. It also uses the motor pumping thrust to reduce noise, develop a higher tactical "silent speed" and increase manoeuvrability. This makes the detection of the submarine more difficult.Anti-submarine warfare experts believe that Russia is the only country in the world that can build an atomic submarine capable of evading US radars. A Borei submarine can detect targets at distances 50 percent farther in comparison with US Virginia class submarines. The internal system of the submarine is a complex of electronic devices that ensure communication, target detection and a number of auxiliary functions.Borei submarines are equipped with OK-650 nuclear reactor, a nuclear power plant steam turbine. They are Russia's first submarines that operate on the single-shaft pumping jet propulsion unit  instead of the dual propulsion system for high performance. In addition, these subs have two outboard thrusters and retractable horizontal bow planes to increase manoeuvrability.US experts say that the Borei submarine is an impressive platform based on finest modern submarine technologies, including state-of-the-art sound attenuators and jet engines similar to those used at US Virginia submarines. Business Insider put Borei class submarines on the list of eleven  dangerous arms systems used by the Russian military.In total, the Russian Navy operates as many as 70 submarines of various classes. They use most advanced technologies of the Russian defense industry, such as special steel alloys and titanium for enhanced stealthiness, reliable underwater missile launchers and sophisticated sonars.Borei class submarines will give the Russian Navy an opportunity to resume strategic patrols in southern seas that have not seen a Russian missile submarine for about 20 years.

Iran state TV claims VIDEO proves ‘no drone was downed’ by US in Strait of Hormuz

Preview Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps released footage which it says disproves the US claim of shooting down an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz, showing the video was transmitted after the alleged time it was destroyed.
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Il Milan e gli highlights del test amichevole contro il Novara

Il Milan ha pubblicato su Twitter gli highlights del test odierno contro il Novara, terminato 1-1 con gol rossonero di Theo Hernandez, autore di una gran botta da fuori area.

Capitana Carola torna in Germania

E' partita oggi, da libera cittadina, dopo gli interrogatori con i magistrati di Agrigento. Sul sito Fb di Salvini che avrebbe voluto "espellere questa viziata comunista"", duemila commenti con insulti e minacce rivolti alla giovane

Chicago officers fired over 2014 deadly shooting

Chicago's Police Board found four officers had exaggerated the threat of the black teen who was killed.

A$AP Rocky Treated Way Differently from White Rapper G-Eazy – TMZ

  1. A$AP Rocky Treated Way Differently from White Rapper G-Eazy  TMZ
  2. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Working To Free A$AP Rocky & Swedish Ambassador Responds!  Clevver News
  3. Prosecutor Reportedly Asks for More Time to Investigate ASAP Rocky Case in Sweden  Yahoo Entertainment
  4. Judge Says A$AP Rocky Must Stay in Jail, Claims He's a Flight Risk  TMZ
  5. Kim Kardashian thanks Trump, Pompeo and Kushner for efforts to get A$AP Rocky released from Sweden jail  Fox News
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“E allora Bibbiano?”: Pd, media, movimento lgbt nel mirino dei complottisti da social

La macchina dell'odio che specula sull'inchiesta "Angeli e demoni" di Reggio Emilia si è riattivata alcuni giorni fa, dopo le parole del vicepremier Di Maio. E cerca di saldarsi all'indagine statunitense sul miliardario Jeffrey Epstein

Ukrainian court denies bail to Russian journalist slated for prisoner exchange by President Zelensky

Preview A Russian-Ukrainian journalist accused of state treason by Kiev has been denied bail by a Ukrainian court. Earlier Ukraine’s president suggested exchanging the man for a Ukrainian activist convicted for terrorism in Russia.
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India ‘cow vigilantes’ lynch three men

The men were beaten to death in the eastern state of Bihar after being accused of stealing cattle.

Russia alarmed by large fall in bee populations

Pesticides are blamed for Russia's mass bee deaths, while French honey production is also down.

Il complotto contro Adolf Hitler, 75 anni fa – Il Post

  1. Il complotto contro Adolf Hitler, 75 anni fa  Il Post
  2. Germania onora chi tentò uccidere Hitler  Agenzia ANSA
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Strong earthquake shakes Greek capital Athens – CNN

  1. Strong earthquake shakes Greek capital Athens  CNN
  2. Earthquake hits Athens, Greece  ABC News
  3. Strong Earthquake Near Athens Sends People Fleeing in Greek Capital  Bloomberg TicToc
  4. 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Athens, Causing Minor Damage  Greek Reporter
  5. 5.1-magnitude earthquake hits Athens, prompts panic & evacuations  RT
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Guinea mother: I sat my exams 30 minutes after giving birth

"I decided for myself that I wanted to complete my baccalaureate," Fatoumata Kourouma tells the BBC.
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