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“Domenico Lucano non può stare a Riace”, confermato il divieto di dimora

Il gip di Locri ha respinto l'istanza con cui i difensori del sindaco del paese dell’accoglienza avevano chiesto di sospendere il provvedimento che lo obbliga a stare lontano dal borgo. 

Milan, gli auguri a Stefan Simic

Oggi Stefan Simic, difensore rossonero, compie 24 anni. Il Milan, tramite Twitter, ha dedicato gli auguri di compleanno al difensore ceco: "Tanti auguri di buon compleanno a Stefan Simic!".

Parigi, 18enne di Ventimiglia trovato morto in un cantiere a Parigi

Studente modello, frequentava la facoltà di Ingegneria Aerospaziale del Politecnico di Torino dove era entrato con un anno d'anticipo. Il ragazzo aveva detto al nonno che sarebbe andato all'università. Nessuno sa perché sia invece arrivato nella capitale francese

Syrian air defense ‘thwarts’ Israeli ‘aggression’ – state media

Preview Syrian air defenses successfully fended off an IDF aerial raid, targeting the southern part of the country, and prevented the strike force from achieving its goals, state media at Damascus reported, citing a military source.
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Brexit: UK caught between the past and the future

The United Kingdom stands fatally divided between nations, regions, generations, on the edge of a critical fault line which threatens the future of the Union. Picture a hen-house with three hundred and fifty hens inside, and one rooster. The door opens, and three foxes slink inside licking their lips. Now picture the utter bedlam which ensues. Welcome to the United Kingdom, two and a half years after a politician promised a referendum on a matter of national importance just because he wanted an absolute majority in a domestic election. Welcome to the ridiculous portmanteau, Brexit. Those of us who know the United Kingdom have been trying, since June 2016, to understand the psyche of the British people and this week, the penny finally dropped. What appeared to be nonsensical finally makes (non)sense.

Nuove stragi nel Mediterraneo, oltre 160 migranti morti e dispersi – Rai News

  1. Nuove stragi nel Mediterraneo, oltre 160 migranti morti e dispersi  Rai News
  2. Strage di migranti nel Mediterraneo, salvate tre persone: “A bordo eravamo 120”  Today
  3. Nuova strage nel Mediterraneo. "Donne e bimbi tra i 117 morti"
  4. Visualizza copertura completa su Google News

In pictures: Ethiopians celebrate the festival of Timket

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians celebrate Timket, or Epiphany, marking the baptism of Jesus.

Fire turns Chico, California, into a boomtown, but at what cost? – NBC News

Fire turns Chico, California, into a boomtown, but at what cost?  NBC News

Chico, California, has seen its population jump as much as 20000, traffic accidents climb 50 percent and some businesses boom, in what is now America's ...

Sciopero dei treni regionali in Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta e Toscana

Sciopero dei treni regionali in Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta e Toscana

Non sono coinvolti i treni a lunga percorrenza. L'agitazione di Trenitalia in territorio piemontese e valdostano dura fino alle 2 di lunedì 21 gennaio, mentre in Toscana si conclude questa sera, alle 20.59

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Courchevel: Two killed in fire at French ski resort

A large fire broke out in a building housing seasonal workers in a popular French Alpine resort.

Manny Pacquiao beats Adrien Broner to retain WBA world title on points

Manny Pacquiao retains his WBA world welterweight title with a unanimous points win over Adrian Broner in Las Vegas.

Brescia, donna carbonizzata: disposto fermo per ex amante del marito

Brescia, donna carbonizzata: disposto fermo per ex amante del marito

Chiara Alessandri, 44 anni, è ritenuta la responsabile del delitto di Stefania Crotti il cui corpo è stato ritrovato la sera del 18 gennaio, nelle campagne di Erbusco

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Skywatchers await ‘super blood wolf moon’

During the spectacular event, the Earth's natural satellite turns a striking shade of red.

Is this the least romantic weekend ever?

Justin Rowlatt's wife suggested a cheeky New Year break. "Surprise me," she said. He did.

#10YearChallenge; Turkey puts spotlight on the headscarf

Turkish women who took off their headscarves go social on their decisions under the #10YearChallenge.

Could Kenya have prevented the hotel siege?

Tuesday's attack in Kenya raises questions about whether lessons have been learned from past incidents.

Men’s Fashion Week: Jeenu Mahadevan calls out colourism

Jeenu Mahadevan is a rising star in fashion but says other Asians have criticised his dark skin

US shutdown: ‘It’s scary, I don’t know how long we’ll last’

As America's longest government shutdown continues, federal workers look to online donors to survive.

Would you share make-up with a stranger?

In China, people can scan a code to enter a room full of make-up and pricey skin creams.

DR Congo court upholds election result

DR Congo court rejects opposition appeal against presidential election result, upholding victory of Felix Tshisekedi
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