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Aeroporto di Firenze: Master Plan alla Città Metropolitana

Paolieri (Pd): "Avanti". Il no di Art. 1 - Mdp. Completata la cessione del 25% di Corporacion America Italia a Investment Corporation of Dubai

?La scomparsa delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo

13 settembre 2018, ore 20,00 – Teatro OBIHall di Firenze

Peace with Japan? Tokyo needs no peace. Tokyo needs Russian islands

President Putin suddenly offered Japan to conclude a peace treaty with Russia before the end of the year. The news came as a surprise to both Russia and Japan. If Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had accepted the proposal, he would have been demonised and put to shame in Japan. He turned Putin's offer down, and the chilled relations between Russia and Japan may deteriorate even further. Tokyo announced that Japan sticks to the old concept for the peace treaty that can be signed only when Russia and Japan settle the territorial dispute. Therefore, Tokyo's decision about Putin's proposal shows that Japan is not interested in maintaining any type of mutually beneficial partnership with Russia - Tokyo is only interested in the islands. Vitaly Shvydko, the head of the group for Japan studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, shared his opinion with Pravda.Ru about a possibility for Russia and Japan to sign the peace treaty before the end of 2018. "For Japan, it is vitally important to have the borders settled. If they do not achieve this, it will mean that Japan has given up on its position. If Japan keeps this condition in effect, the peace treaty between Russia and Japan will not materialise.""Are there any compromises that Moscow and Tokyo could find?" "They have been looking for a compromise for several decades, but could not find it. There have been no signs of progress lately. Most likely, this is either a propaganda move, or some trick that the Japanese side is working on, but I doubt that. It is impossible for Japan to avoid the border issue. Russia was ready to conclude the treaty without fixing the borderlines. Yet, Japan was never up for it. Russia and Japan have tried to regulate the issue, but nothing has been decided. They tried to allow Japanese businesses to the Kuril Islands, but there was no progress there either. In other words, there is a mission, there are negotiations, but there is no result. Russia insists the legal status should be defined exclusively by Russian law."

Tramvia, 80% di sconto Tari per le attività economiche lungo i cantieri

Perra e Del Re: “Erogati quasi 2 milioni e mezzo di sgravi in bolletta come sostegno a chi è stato interessato dai lavori della Linea 2 e 3. Avviati contatti con l’Agenzia delle entrate”

Albo dei Consulenti Tecnici d’Ufficio: infermieri ed infermieri pediatrici

Un corso per infermieri e infermieri pediatrici promosso da Opi Firenze-Pistoia

The curious case of coddled children killers in New Mexico

By Guy Somerset Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer famously stated "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." These days, a sizable percentage of the American public is entering the third stage when evaluating the veracity of its government. Consider the curious case of a New Mexico compound, its desolate location, its harem of women, its captive children, its stash of artillery, its training for Jihad on schools, its dead body, and the fact no one in American law enforcement seems to think any of this is much of a concern.

Russia and USA fight even in space: Americans damage Soyuz deliberately

Members of the special commission of Russia's Federal Space Agency Roscosmos investigating into the causes of the recent depressurisation of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft came to conclusion that American astronauts could intentionally drill a hole in the coating to bring back their sick colleague back to Earth ahead of schedule.Roscosmos asked NASA to provide health reports for US astronauts and the data from their video cameras. Chances to obtain such information are extremely small, because this type of information is regarded as medical secrecy. If the above version of the incident is confirmed, Russian-American relations may sink to new lows. Against the backdrop of the aggravation of relations between the two countries, space has so far remained practically the only sphere where it was possible to maintain fruitful cooperation between Russia and the United States.Roscosmos officials refused to comment on the above-mentioned version. Vladimir Ustimenko, an official spokesman for the agency, said that Roscosmos will not discuss any insinuations until the special commission exposes the results of its work. The incident on board the International Space Station took place on August 30, when pressure on the docked Soyuz spaceships started falling. The crew found a small hole in the shell of the spacecraft and fixed the problem with the help of epoxy resin. On August 31, astronauts strengthened the patch with an additional layer of sealant.A few days later, Roscosmos representatives said that the depressurisation of the spaceship occurred due to a manufacturing defect. Russian Space Corporation Energia launched an internal investigation into the incident with the participation of a special commission of Roscosmos.On September 4, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, did not exclude a version of sabotage on the ISS. Cosmonaut Maxim Suraev, who spent 167 days on board the ISS in 2014, supported such an assumption. "Maybe, someone was very tired of flying in there, and they wanted an early descent. They drilled a hole, and if it hadn't been found, the crew would have returned back to Earth ahead of schedule," he said. The day before, Rogozin told reporters at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok that the results of the investigation conducted by the special commission of Roscosmos have not provided an objective picture of what happened. "The situation has turned out to be much more complicated than we thought before," the head of the state corporation admitted.For the time being, it is believed that the hole in the coating of the Soyuz spaceship appeared after the vehicle docked to the ISS. Around the hole, there were traces found indicating that someone was trying to drill the hole several times. The drill could leave such traces on the shell of the spacecraft when used in vacuum. The Soyuz docks the ISS near the "Dawn" module next to the lock with the American part of the station. One can access the ship only with the permission from the commander, but one could enter the spaceship covertly too. Mission Control allegedly ordered the commander of the Russian crew not to allow US specialists to the Russian part of the ISS without commander's permission. There are six people living on board the ISS at the moment: Andrew Feustel, Richard Arnold and Serena Aunon-Chancellor (all US citizens),  Alexander Gerst (Germany), Oleg Artemiev and Sergei Prokopiev (Russia).
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