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New Russian weapons: Already obsolete?

The Russian T-14 Armata tank will serve in the army for at least 25-30 years before it is replaced with combat vehicles developed on new physical principles, Colonel-General Sergei Mayev, former chief of the main auto-armored department of the Defence Ministry believes. It is worth noting that the Armata tank, just like the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter aircraft, has not been passed into service yet. Yet, Russian military officials already want to know what weapon will come to replace it. According to Sergei Mayev, such platforms as Armata, Kurganets-25 and Boomerang, which Russia has been working on lately (they are at the final stage of development), are traditional weapons. They will be replaced with new arms systems based on new physical principles. However, this can only be possible against the backdrop of the favourable development of fundamental science, technology, design thought, production and financing of all these aspects.Weapons on new physical principles include laser weapons, microwave guns, sound weapons, electromagnetic bombs and so on.According to Mayev, ground robotic armoured vehicles are to appear in about 10-15 years. "As for the air force, opportunities for using robotic weapons in the air are, of course, more homogeneous than for those used on the ground," the specialist said, TASS reports. In general, a lot has been said in Russia during the recent several years about new weapons based on new physical principles.Earlier, military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said in an interview with Pravda.Ru that we are witnessing the development of another stage in the development of arms systems."The development of arms systems based on new physical principles does not mean that Russian physicists have discovered new fundamental physical laws in secret laboratories and are now going to apply them in the defence industry. There are absolutely no secrets about physical laws in general, but in this particular field it goes about certain physical phenomena that we have never used in the development of arms systems," the expert said. At the same time, the new technologies are being developed at the time when Russian military engineers are still working on new traditional weapons, such as Armata tank and Su-57 fifth-generation fighter aircraft (formerly known as T-50 PAK FA). A few days ago, Russian MP, president of the League of Assistance to Defence Enterprises, Vladimir Gutenev, said that there was no need to speed up the mass production of the Su-57 fighter aircraft. In his opinion, in the era of rapid technological development, the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter will  become obsolete quickly. Therefore, one needs to focus on the development of the sixth-generation aircraft. "The Su-57 will not be massively introduced at the Russian Air Force, but the aircraft has a wonderful export potential, and many countries already want to purchase it," Gutenev told Interfax.Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel that the Su-57 had made a good showing so far, including in Syria, where the aircraft could demonstrate its flight performance and combat capabilities in practice. At the same time, Borisov noted that one of the best aircraft in the world today is a representative of the previous generation "4+" - Su-35.Apparently, the question of price is the most important one here. Both fighter jets and Armata tanks are much cheaper than Western analogues, but at the same time they are quite expensive for the massive rearmament of the Russian army.Western experts talk about it as well. Paying tribute to new models of Russian weapons, they pay attention to their price, which becomes the main problem.Naturally, this is not a problem of Russia alone. During the NATO summit in Brussels, US President Donald Trump was salivating in his calls for the allies to increase military spending. In addition, a lot has been said about the F-35 program that has generated quite a number of high-profile scandals, including because of the price issue. Yet, the Americans can sell their aircraft to NATO allies and compensate costs at least partially. Russia has no such opportunity, if we talk about mass exports. How can Russia sell its fighter jets and tanks if the Russian army is unwilling to pass them into service? Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Ruslan Pukhov, noted that the problem has several aspects to it. "The new armament program, which was adopted last year, is superimposed on the previous one, for 2010-2020. The current program is designed from 2018 to 2017. First, it is not so ambitious, and not so large as the previous one. Russia has finished its rearmament program. Most importantly, the Russian economy does not generate as much money as it used to, when oil prices were high," the analyst told Pravda.Ru. "Therefore, we need to treat military spending thoughtfully. Any kind of military spending, by definition, takes money away from such things as roads, healthcare, education, etc. There is always a temptation to cut a number of expensive programs, and Russia has already done that. In particular, we have sacrificed expensive naval programs, such as the Storm aircraft carrier and Leader class destroyers," said Ruslan Pukhov.Oleg ArtyukovPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Molestata in strada a Roma, arrestato l’aggressore: sospetti su 6 casi

Molestata in strada a Roma, arrestato l’aggressore: sospetti su 6 casi

Fermato in flagranza di reato l'uomo accusato di una serie di reati a sfondo sessuale e denunciato con una lettera sul Corriere della Sera da una delle sue vittime

Parole chiave: roma stupri

Oltrarno? di Firenze: una mappa curata dagli host di Airbnb

Quattro percorsi tematici su artigianato e cultura dedicati a chi vuole conoscere la città oltre il centro storico

Cassazione: legittimo referendum per Verbano da Piemonte a Lombardia

Cassazione: legittimo referendum per Verbano da Piemonte a Lombardia

La Corte ha dato il via libera alla consultazione, promossa lo scorso anno con una raccolta firme, per votare il passaggio di Regione della provincia del Vco (Verbano Cusio Ossola). Il passaggio alle urne dovrà essere indetto entro 3 mesi e svolgersi nei 3 mesi seguenti

Chubb appoints Annmarie Camp to lead its High Net Worth personal insurance business in Europe

- In this role, Annmarie will have responsibility for the performance of the company's High Net Worth personal lines business in the UK and Continental Europe. Annmarie joined Chubb Private Risk Services in 2009 as the Regional Vice President for the Division's Northeastern Region in the US. In 2011

Reparto chiuso per festa, Asl Napoli revoca incarico a primario

Reparto chiuso per festa, Asl Napoli revoca incarico a primario

L’azienda sanitaria campana ha annunciato il provvedimento per il dottore dell'Ospedale del Mare. “Leso irrimediabilmente rapporto fiduciario”. Secondo le accuse, tutto il personale si è assentato per partecipare a una festa  organizzata dal nuovo direttore del reparto

Chechen police officers ordered to get second wives for themselves

All male employees of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Chechnya were reportedly ordered to find second wives for themselves, Radio Svoboda reports with reference to information distributed in WhatsApp messenger.The Chechen authorities are reportedly ready to help law-enforcement officers in arranging all the paperwork to legalise their second marriage, the source said adding that those unwilling to have two wives will have to face various penalties, right up to dismissal. "Let's leave the threats that we will quit our jobs, let's cast away faint-hearted talks and let's prove that we are real men, so help us God," the author of the message on WhatsApp wrote. It is believed that the author of the post is a high-ranking police official in Chechnya. Interestingly, spokespeople for the traffic police of Chechnya neither refuted nor confirmed the information. A source at a division of the Interior Ministry of Chechnya could not confirm the information about the order for police officers to have two wives either. However, the anonymous official said that he would not be surprised if it was real. The Chechen administration shares loyal attitude to polygamy. In April, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said that Muslim men have permission from God himself to have four wives. "I'm very pro-polygamy. Why? Because it's better than leaving family and having lovers on the side.  It is more correct for a man than to humiliate his wife by having a mistress or giving jewellery and all sorts of gifts to a prostitute while his wife with children live in constant need," the head of Chechnya said in 2011. He then added that it was only his personal point of view. Kadyrov also stressed that he had not discussed a possibility to allow polygamy in Russian Muslim republics with anyone in the administration of the country.

Cremona, scopre l’ex moglie in intimità con un prete e lo picchia

Cremona, scopre l'ex moglie in intimità con un prete e lo picchia

La donna aveva segnalato alle forze dell'ordine i comportamenti ossessivi del marito da cui è separata. L'uomo, dopo averla inseguita, l'ha sorpresa e il confronto è finito in lite e botte

Parole chiave: cremona carabinieri

China UnionPay: China Takes the Lead in Piloting Mobile Payment, Delivering Convenience-Enhancing Solutions to Its Populace

- Today, mobile payments have seamlessly penetrated into every person's daily activities and has had a profound effect on their lives. All eyes are on China, as the world's most populous country has rapidly taken the lead into the era of mobile payment. China enters the era of convenient mobile paym

?Lidl, sciopero nazionale dei lavoratori indetto dalla Filcams Cgil

 In Toscana è previsto un presidio regionale a Pontedera (Pisa) davanti al magazzino in via Alberto Carpi 29 dalle 8:30 fino alla sera

Sicurezza, i numeri dei reati in Italia e l’incidenza degli stranieri

Sicurezza, i numeri dei reati in Italia e l’incidenza degli stranieri

Quanti reati si compiono ogni anno in Italia? Quanto influisce la presenza di immigrati sul numero di crimini? L'analisi di Sky TG24 sui reati compiuti e le differenze con il passato. FOTO

USA threatens to sanction European companies involved in Russia’s Nord Stream-2 project

The companies involved in the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project may deal with restrictive measures against them, a spokesman for the US Department of State said. According to the US administration, the companies operating in the Russian energy export sector run the risk of facing sanctions. Washington is convinced that the Nord Stream-2 will undermine the overall stability and energy security of the European Union. According to the American administration, the gas pipeline will become another tool for the Russian Federation to put pressure on European countries, especially Ukraine. In Russia, they understand that the project will split Europe, and the Russians will use it for their own interests, representatives of the US State Department said. Nord Stream-2 has already been funded by German companies Wintershall (BASFn.DE) and Uniper (UN01.DE), international oil and gas company OMV Group (OMVV.VI), British-Dutch company Anglo-Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) and Engie (ENGIE. PA) of France. Donald Trump, having arrived for the NATO summit in Brussels, called Germany a hostage to Russia's Nord Stream-2 project. According to Trump, it is unacceptable for Berlin to transfer "billions and billions of dollars" to Moscow for gas while Germany can not fulfil its promises to increase spending on the defence of the alliance. Later, speaking to reporters, German Chancellor Angela Merkel assured that German makes decisions independently and does not depend on anyone.The Nord Stream-2 project stipulates for the construction of two branches of the gas pipeline from the Russian coast along the bottom of the Baltic Sea to Germany. The total capacity of the 1,200-km-long system is to make up 55 billion cubic meters of gas per yea. The largest shareholder of the project is the Russian company Gazprom, which owns 51 percent in the project.

Tramvia, sopralluogo a Belfiore: cantieri fermi tra Peretola e Santa Maria Novella

Le ditte lamentano il mancato pagamento di circa 10 mesi di lavori

NATO says former Soviet state of Georgia to become alliance member

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, when greeting Georgian President Georgi Margvelashvili at the summit of the alliance in Brussels, that NATO fully supports Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations."Georgia will become a member of NATO. Allied leaders reaffirmed this yesterday. And we will continue to work with you to prepare for membership," Stoltenberg said on Thursday.Stoltenberg recalled that the first meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission took place ten years ago. Since then, Georgia, he said, has confirmed that it was a reliable friend of the alliance. Georgia had made a significant contribution to the stability of the Black Sea region and carried out impressive reforms, he added. The alliance that currently has 29 members supports the territorial integrity of Georgia, including its sovereignty over the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Stoltenberg also said. Earlier, the leaders of 29 NATO member states called on Russia to withdraw its troops from three countries, including from Georgia, by renouncing recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry called NATO a "useless military bloc."In late May, Georgian Prime Minister Georgi Kvirikashvili expressed a hope that his country could become a full member of NATO by 2021. In 2021, he said, Georgia would celebrate 100 years from the day of the Soviet occupation, and an opportunity to celebrate this date as a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance would be of particular importance for the country, Kvirikashvili said. NATO also invited Macedonia to start negotiations on its accession to NATO. Stoltenberg said that Macedonia would be able to become NATO's 30th member as soon as the agreement on the name change of the country comes into force.

Burger King app spies on you all the time making videos from your smartphone

The Burger King application can secretly record data from the smartphone on which the app is installed.An amateur 18-year-old IT specialist, known for his moniker as fennikami, studied the program code of the application. Having analysed the traffic of the mobile application for iOS devices, the young man found that the mobile client continuously captures both images, all input data and even the movement of fingers on the screen to make it possible to compare all this data. The specialist concluded that the application secretly records video from the screen of the smartphone, including at the time when a person inputs their bank details to pay for their order.The video recording starts from the moment the user opens the application for the first time and runs continuously before all the recordings are sent to the server. The video recording does not stop even when a person uses other apps, but the Burger King app remains open. The author posted the results of his research on the Habr website, saying that it is not only the developers of the Burger King app that have access to recordings made from users' phones, but also partners of the AppSee platform, where the records are sent. AppSee measures user activity and evaluates their interaction with the applications. In addition, video recordings become available for viewing to specialists of Yandex.Metrica and Chashlytics.Thus, fennikami concluded, the number of those who can view all the actions of Burger King app users counts hundreds of people. The young man is certain that the app secretly records videos even at the moment when Burger King customers enter their card details.The press service of Burger King Russia has not commented on the situation yet.

Pubblicati i Bandi Supermedia 2017/2018 e Borse di Studio ITS 2018

Sono stati pubblicati i bandi di concorso SuperMedia 2017/2018 e Borse di Studio ITS 2018.

ll bando SuperMedia, relativo all’assegnazione di borse di studio per la frequenza di scuole di primo e secondo grado, è riservato ai figli o orfani ed equiparati di:

  • iscritti alla Gestione Unitaria delle prestazioni creditizie e sociali;
  • pensionati utenti della Gestione Dipendenti Pubblici;
  • iscritti alla Gestione Assistenza Magistrale;
  • dipendenti del Gruppo Poste Italiane SpA e dipendenti ex IPOST, sottoposti alla trattenuta mensile dello 0,40% di cui all’art.3 della legge 27 marzo 1952, n. 208, nonché dei pensionati già dipendenti del Gruppo Poste Italiane S.p.A. e già dipendenti ex IPOST.

La domanda deve essere trasmessa dalle 12 del 3 ottobre 2018 alle 12 del 20 ottobre 2018.

ll bando di concorso Borse di Studio ITS 2018, che promuove la frequenza di Istituti Tecnici Superiori, è in favore dei figli o orfani ed equiparati di:

  • iscritti (dipendenti o pensionati) alla Gestione Unitaria delle prestazioni creditizie e sociali;
  • pensionati utenti della Gestione Dipendenti Pubblici.

La domanda deve essere inoltrata dalle 12 del 16 luglio 2018 alle 12 del 19 settembre 2018.

FIFA Final: France meets Croatia

FIFA Final: France meets Croatia England 1 Croatia 2 (extra time) Trippier 5  Perisic 69, Mandzukic 109
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