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Typerium: Blockchain Company for Creators Files Two Patents for Its Innovative Technology

- Typerium, a start-up that aims to revolutionize the lives of creators, has filed two patents for its innovative blockchain technology.  Typerium, the blockchain company for creators, is cementing its position in the market by filing two patents for its technology. The company aims to significantly

GIMAC and TerraPay Announce Collaboration for Enabling Real-time Cross-border Money Transfers to CEMAC Region

- GIMAC, the regional electronic money transfer platform of Central Africa and TerraPay, the world's first mobile payments switch, have signed a strategic partnership agreement that will strengthen the remittances ecosystem in the CEMAC region. The partnership will enable instant cross-border money

UnionPay Tax Refund service available in 44 countries and regions

- Service scope of UnionPay Tax Refund continues to expand In recent years, Chinese tourists are traveling to more destinations, and more tourists are visiting the Belt and Road countries. In line with this trend, UnionPay International is expanding the scope of its tax refund service through cooper

What does Theresa May have under her armpits?

As expected, Russia was accused of the death of a British woman, who died at a hospital in Britain a few days ago after she was supposedly exposed to Novichok nerve agent. British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson, who earlier suggested Russia should shut up and leave, said that Moscow was "highly likely" involved in the new poisoning incident that took place in Amesbury. Williamson again demanded the world community should strongly condemn Moscow. This condemnation should come on the basis of the peremptory evidence now known as "highly likely." This has become a new trend of the new concept of justice in the Anglo-Saxon world. There have been many sad jokes about the so-called "free Western press" being a reincarnation of rigorous Soviet propaganda. The legend of human rights is crumbling and falling apart after the persecution of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Guantanamo and CIA secret prisons pale in comparison. The Russian Foreign Ministry, of course, urged the UK to stop the intrigue with chemical poisons. It appears that the UK is having a chemical booze, wants more and can never stop. In the meantime, the Anglo-Saxon privatization of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) started bringing its fruit. The Russian Permanent Representative to the OPCW has repeatedly stated that his colleagues in the organization do not seem to hear what Russian officials tell them in response to serious accusations.British allies say that Moscow should cooperate with London in the investigation of such incidents. Russia, from the very beginning, has been trying to reach out to Britain offering full assistance in the investigation, although to no avail. Russia has made it clear from the start that the Kremlin was interested in disclosing the ambiguous poisoning case.Against the backdrop of all that, several ministers have left the government of Theresa May, including Minister for Brexit David Davis and legendary British chemist Boris Johnson.The merits of the former Foreign Secretary of Great Britain are hard to overestimate. His remarkable knowledge of warfare agents has played an important role in creating a media bombshell. May's government even managed to divert public attention from Brexit for a while. After all, the topic of divorce with the European Union does not promise the United Kingdom a lucrative deal. The resignation of bright political figures, who played an important role in the history of Brexit and the future of Great Britain, may well be the bell that signals the looming end of Theresa May's premiership. The countdown has begun, and the opposition in the parliament will not miss a chance to take advantage of all the blunders of the current British government.In the meantime, the UK has started another chapter in the story of chemical poisonings against the backdrop of the desire of the British Prime Minister to attend the football match of team England in Russia.So what does Theresa May have under her armpit? No one knows it yet, because she has never been straightforward either about Brexit or the things that have been happening in the area of the secret lab in Porton Down. Vasily AmirjanovPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Tramvia? di Firenze: Linea 3 e Linea 2, la polemica dopo 20 anni di attesa

Gli imprevisti hanno inciso sul cronoprogramma e le inaugurazioni sono slittate, ma con i cantieri aperti

?Crisi economica, area di Livorno: contributi alle imprese per creare occupazione 

Avviso di Invitalia per sostenere progetti di investimento delle imprese che vogliono investire nei territori comunali di Collesalvetti, Livorno e Rosignano Marittimo

 Isolotto al centro di un nuovo modello di business per Airbnb

Host da 20 a 70 anni, artigiani ed esperienze inclusive nelle case condivise sviluppate dagli studenti di IED Firenze

Russian Defense Minister speaks about war with Ukraine, US and fight for Crimea

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu excludes a possibility of a direct military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine both now and in the future.In an interview with Italian publication Il Giornale, Sergei Shoigu said that the peoples of Russia and Ukraine share common roots and experiences of hard trials, such as the Great Patriotic War, when Russians and Ukrainians were defending their homeland, the Soviet Union, shoulder to shoulder. Sergei Shoigu also spoke about the relations between Russia and the United States. He said that it was US elites that started aggravating the relationship with Russia artificially. According to the minister, US elites are convinced that the world is divided into "the American and the wrong" one. Shoigu reminded that it was the American side that unilaterally terminated a few key agreements that formed the basis of global security."Contrary to promises given to the Soviet administration during the unification of Germany, Washington initiated NATO's eastward expansion to Russian borders. For more than 25 years, they have been fooling us by saying that there were no promises made at all, until the NSA declassified archives from that period where all was described in detail and in persons," Shoigu said.In 2002, he said, under the pretext of the fabricated missile danger on the part of Iran or North Korea, the United States unilaterally pulled out from the ABM Treaty. Afterwards, the USA proceeded to deploy its radar stations and interceptor missiles alongside Russia's borders.Shoigu admitted that he would very much like to give a globe to his American colleagues so that they could explain it to him why all of America's "adversaries are in the Middle and in the Far East, but all American army bases and groups are huddling to the borders of Russia." "Are we supposed to defend them or what?" Shoigu asked. In the interview with Italian journalists, the Russian Defense Minister also told of the plans of the West to arrange a "hybrid war" in the Crimea. The United States used the hybrid war technology in Iraq in 1991, as well as in the former Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria, Shoigu said. When the West failed to destabilize the situation on the Crimean Peninsula, Western media started accusing Russia of using the hybrid war.Shoigu paid journalists' attention to traces of the "hybrid war" in Ukraine, on the eve of the armed mutiny in February of 2014, when, in his opinion, European countries took passive part in those "hybrid actions" as well. 

The NFL is a criminal enterprise

The NFL is a criminal enterprise Imagine, if you will, watching one person beat another person in the head week after week until he/she suffers permanent brain damage, and perhaps even commits suicide.  Undoubtedly, you would call the person who inflicted these beatings a criminal. Imagine further that people actually pay so they can watch and cheer as these beatings take place.  Undoubtedly, you would consider them to be accomplices.

Contributo di Bonifica: sentenze a favore del pagamento

Bottino, presidente Anbi Toscana: "Soddisfatti che il nostro ruolo sia stato ulteriormente legittimato e riconosciuto"

Pussy Riot member fined for evading community service and arrested while smoking

Maria Alyokhina, a member of Pussy Riot punk band and oppositionist, will have to pay the fine of 400,000 rubles (about $6,250) for evading mandatory works that the woman was sentenced to for her act near the building of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB). Two protocols were drawn up against Alyokhina for evading administrative punishment. The woman was fined 200,000 rubles for each of the protocols. In the morning of July 10, Maria Alyokhina came to the Izmailovsky District Court of Moscow to attend hearings on the lawsuit that was filed against her by officials of the Nizhny Novgorod correctional colony N2. The plaintiff accused Alyokhina and the Sobesednik newspaper of spreading untrue rumors about the colony. During a break, Alyokhina and her co-defendant on the case - journalist Sergei Yezhov - went out to smoke, when court bailiffs approached the woman and promised to arrest her for avoiding community services. After the court meeting, the Pussy Riot member was arrested and taken to another court. Maria Alyokhina was sentenced to 40 hours of community service for her action near the building of the FSB in Moscow. The member of the notorious punk band held a banner saying "Happy birthday, executioners" on December 20, 2017, when the FSB was celebrating its centenary.  She was subsequently found guilty on Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code ("Participation in an unauthorized action"). Afterwards, she was sentenced to 100 more hours of community service for holding a potent action near the FSB. Even though Alyokhina was sentenced to a fine of 400,000 rubles, it does not mean that the woman will not have to do the community service.

Moscow metro to open one of its most beautiful new stations

The Nizhnaya Maslovka station of the Moscow metro is to be decorated with Sayan marble and transparent stained-glass panels.According to the general director of metro construction company Mosmetrostroy, Sergei Zhukov, tunnel walls will not be covered with anything: tunnel vaults will be cleaned and painted. Pylons on both sides will be adorned with Sayan marble from Siberia. The central hall and side platforms will be decorated with transparent stained-glass windows. The floor of the station will be covered with granite slabs. There station is to be finished and launched before the end of the current year. The Nizhnaya Maslovka station is being built as part of the Grand Ring Line of the Moscow metro. The station will connect the eponymous railway station, two metro stations and ground transport infrastructure.The Moscow surface and underground transportation system will triple in size as compared to the size the metro system had in 2010, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on July 10."The Moscow transport hub has been developing rapidly. The Moscow Central Ring railway system has become one of the most powerful projects that Russia has implemented lately. Modern trains of the new system transport 500,000 passengers daily. New metro stations are being built as well. The Moscow underground system will double in size," the Moscow Mayor said.

Munich Re Figures Show Fewer Severe Natural Disasters in the First Half of the Year

- - The first half of 2018 was fortunate in that natural disasters across the world caused significantly lower losses than usual. According to provisional figures, overall losses were around US$ 33bn, the lowest level since 2005 (US$ 29bn after adjustment for inflation). - However, individual events

DPS Group Acquire Belgian Engineering Consultancy F4PE

- DPS Group, the Irish engineering and project management group, has acquired F4PE, a Belgian specialised engineering group which provides high quality services in the field of clean rooms and process facilities for production and laboratory facilities. The terms of the acquisition have not been dis

Come arrivare all’aeroporto di Pisa

Da Firenze e non solo, cosa è cambiato nei trasporti per raggiungere l'aeroporto.

Greek-Russian friendship suddenly evolves bad smell

The Greek government has decided to expel two Russian diplomats and deny two other diplomats access to the country. The Greek administration accuses Russia of attempts to interfere in internal affairs of the country and commit unlawful actions against the national security of Greece.According to Kathimerini publication, Russian diplomats supposedly tried to obtain certain  information and bribe Greek officials, but failed. In addition, Athens has questions to the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society.Viktor Yakovlev, an officer with the Russian diplomatic mission, is one of the diplomats, whom Greece intends to expel, although it remains unknown what position Yakovlev takes. The latest move of the Greek administration may escalate tensions in the relations between Russia and Greece. The relationship between the two countries, the newspaper said, has been worsening during the recent two years because of Russia's attempts to undermine Greece's national security.According to high-ranking Greek diplomatic sources, the decision to expel several Russian diplomats from Greece also came in response to Moscow's coordinated efforts to expand Russia's influence in Greece, especially in relation to the activities of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society. At the same time, Greece continues to strive for good relations with Russia, taking every effort to develop friendship between the two peoples. However, as the authorities point out, this can be possible only if the countries respect each other's sovereignty.It is worthy of note that Greece did not join other European countries when they followed the call from the UK to expel Russian diplomats after the Salisbury incident. Moscow welcomed the decision of the Greek authorities not to fall under the influence of Rossophobic views based on absolutely unfounded accusations. According to the Kathimerini newspaper, certain circles that promote Russian interests have been trying to interfere in Greece's internal affairs lately. In particular, the newspaper said, they try to bribe municipalities and win (with the help of money) the support of metropolitans of the Greek Orthodox Church in order to gain influence in Athos (the Holy Mountain).Greek diplomats also point to Russia's attempt to intervene in the conclusion of the agreement between Greece and Macedonia to rename the former Yugoslav republic, thus affecting the role of Greece in the Balkans. In mid-June, it was decided that Macedonia would be renamed as the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Also read: Russia loses Balkans to its own advantageGreek diplomatic sources said that the decision to expel Russian diplomats would be limited to only four persons. It was also said that the move would not change Greece's global benevolent strategy towards Russia.Moscow will respond to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Greece, the Russian Foreign Ministry said."According to the established practice, a mirror response shall follow in such cases," representatives of the ministry told reporters Wednesday. Officials with the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation refrained from commenting on reports of the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Athens.

Kerry Duffain Joins East Lodge Capital

- East Lodge has hired Kerry Duffain as Head of European Distribution. In this role, Ms. Duffain will be responsible for the oversight and management of investor relationships in the European region and will additionally help cultivate the firm's investor relationships in Australia. Ms. Duffain has

Educazione a risparmio e consumo per limitare i costi di luce e gas

La Provincia di Firenze si impegna concretamente nella lotta allo spreco energetico sia insegnando le regole ai più giovani attraverso la guida "Il Dottor Watt e i segreti dell'energia" sia attraverso lo Sportello Energetico provinciale.

Quota TFR in busta paga come Qu.I.R.: cessazione obbligo di erogazione

I lavoratori dipendenti del settore privato, in relazione ai periodi di paga dal 1° marzo 2015 al 30 giugno 2018, hanno potuto richiedere ai rispettivi datori di lavoro, in via sperimentale, di percepire in busta paga la quota maturanda del Trattamento di Fine Rapporto (TFR) come Quota Integrativa della Retribuzione (Qu.I.R.).

Con il messaggio 10 luglio 2018, n. 2791 l'Istituto informa che, a decorrere da luglio 2018, non essendo stato adottato dal legislatore alcun provvedimento di proroga o reiterazione delle disposizioni normative, i datori di lavoro non saranno più tenuti a erogare in busta paga la quota maturanda del TFR per i dipendenti che ne abbiano fatto richiesta.

Decadono, pertanto, gli obblighi informativi e contributivi della circolare INPS 23 aprile 2015, n. 82, fatte salve specifiche indicazioni, contenute nel messaggio, relative alle aziende che abbiano avuto accesso al finanziamento della Qu.I.R..

Ogni occasione è buona per imbrogliare: anche il Black Friday

?Frenesia per gli acquisti online per il Black Friday? Va bene, ma con giudizio.
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