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AEK Atene, Lazaros e il Milan: nessuna vittoria in carriera contro il Diavolo

Lazaros Christodoulopoulos è una vecchia conoscenza del campionato italiano. Dopo le esperienze con Bologna, Verona e Sampdoria, l'esterno greco è tornato in patria diventando una colonna portante dell'AEK Atene.

Putin: Moscow will respond immediately if Washington moves against Russian media

Preview Russia will swiftly implement tit-for-tat measures if the US imposes restrictions on Russian media, President Vladimir Putin said.
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Rigopiano, Sit in di protesta dei famigliari vittime e sopravvissuti alla tragedia –

Rigopiano, Sit in di protesta dei famigliari vittime e sopravvissuti alla tragedia
Teramo - La Procura della Repubblica dell'Aquila sta indagando sull'iter e la scelta della nomina di Mauro... commenta · Cronaca · Rigopiano, Sit in di protesta dei famigliari vittime e sopravvissuti alla tragedia · Pescara - I familiari delle vittime ...

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?Bando per il servizio civile all’Unione italiana ciechi

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World Methodist Council: dialogue must reach local level

(Vatican Radio) Methodist and Catholic theologians are meeting just outside Rome this week, marking the 50th anniversary of the first ecumenical dialogue group following the Second Vatican Council. That first session of the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission was held in the hill town of Ariccia in October 1967.

Pope Francis met with members of the current Commission on Thursday, together with leaders of the World Methodist Council, saying that half a century of dialogue has set us free from estrangement and suspicion and helped us to recognize each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

South African Bishop Ivan Abrahams is General Secretary of the World Methodist Council. He talked to Philippa Hitchen about the concrete fruits of this ecumenical journey….


He says two of the key ingredients that have marked this “50 year pilgrimage or journey” are the love and trust that has been built up and that are reflected in the seven joint reports that have been produced thus far.

One of the great challenges, he says, is to let the fruits of this dialogue “percolate to the local level and we need to see how we can do that much more effectively”.

'That they may be one'

He notes that the latest dialogue report entitled ‘A Call to Holiness: from glory to glory’ stresses that working for unity is “a fundamental part of our mission and our witness to the world, to see that Jesus’ high priestly prayer is made reality”.

Speaking about the situation in his native South Africa, Abrahams says that as he saw the demise of apartheid in his lifetime, “I’d hoped to see the reality of “that they may be one” in my lifetime”.

Autonomy in mission and witness

Talking about the Methodist model of governance, he says there’s no compromise on key issues of faith, but “we don’t apply the ‘one size fits all’ model”, leaving the various conferences autonomy to make their own decisions about mission and witness.

Asked about Pope Francis’ efforts to give local Catholic bishops’ conferences with more autonomy over pastoral decision making, Abrahams says “I think that it is really the only way to go, if we speak about the integrity of the Gospel, because every cultural context is uniquely different”.

Pope Francis embodies unity

While practical cooperation on issues like migration, refugees or climate change are important, he says, consensus in the theological dialogue remains crucial because “we need to clarify so we can walk together”.

Finally Bishop Abrahams praises Pope Francis’ way of reaching out to young generations, saying he is “a beacon of hope” and “somebody who embodies the unity that we’re seeking to live”.

(from Vatican Radio)

TMW RADIO – Colombo: “Dzeko mi ha ricordato Van Basten… ma il Cigno resta unico”

Centrocampista del Milan degli olandesi, Angelo Colombo si è concesso ai microfoni di TMW Radiodurante lo spazio pomeridiano Tribuna Stampa.

Firenze, cade capitello nella Basilica di Santa Croce: c’è una vittima

Un distacco improvviso dal soffitto ha investito un cinquantenne spagnolo

Putin: EU triggered rise of separatism by supporting Kosovo independence (WATCH LIVE)

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Nexgen Packaging Appoints Manuel Torres as Managing Director, EMEA Operations

- "Nexgen continues to achieve strong market share growth in North America by providing our customers with quality products, exceptional customer service, and industry-leading technology that brings visibility and efficiencies to supply chain operations," said Andy Effron, Nexgen's Co-founder and Ch

Canada approves anti-Russian law sponsored by Russophobes

Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, said that the bill would disrupt relations between Moscow and Ottawa

Alina Kabaeva unveils one secret of her totally secret private life

Former rhythmical gymnast Alina Kabaeva stated that her personal life would remain her personal affair

I 12 migranti sono arrivati a Multedo. Davanti all’ex asilo si stanno raccogliendo i cittadini contrari all’accoglienza

Accompagnati dal personale della Curia sono entrati nell'ex asilo Govone. Contro di loro in queste settimane proteste e blocchi stradali da parte di un gruppo...

Rogo alla Thyssen, la Cassazione conferma le condanne dei dirigenti – TGCOM


Rogo alla Thyssen, la Cassazione conferma le condanne dei dirigenti
La Cassazione conferma le condanne per il rogo della Thyssenkrupp, a Torino, dove nel dicembre 2007 morirono sette operai. La tersa sezione penale della Suprema Corte ha infatti giudicato inammissibili i ricorsi straordinari presentati dai dirigenti, ...
Rogo alla Thyssen, la Cassazione boccia il ricorso dei dirigentiLettera43

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‘Stolen Salvador Dali’ painting recovered in Lebanon

The portrait is thought to be a minor work painted by the Spanish artist while living in the US.

Una partita da più di tre punti, contro l’AEK per il morale e la qualificazione

Le tre sconfitte consecutive, contro Sampdoria, Roma e Inter, pur facendo intravedere un miglioramento nel gioco, hanno fatto precipitare l’umore della piazza, alle stelle solo un mese e mezzo fa visto il grande mercato condotto dalla nuova dirigen ...

Punti sulla patente, 20mila automobilisti sono rimasti senza

Punti sulla patente, 20mila automobilisti sono rimasti senza

È quanto emerge da un'analisi del portale basata sui dati del ministero dei Trasporti. La maglia nera, in rapporto al numero dei patentati, spetta al Friuli Venezia Giulia come regione e a Vibo Valentia come provincia

GOP Response to Trump Russia ‘Golden Shower Dossier’: Report Passed on to FBI as ‘Foreign Intelligence’ – Gears Of Biz

Gears Of Biz

GOP Response to Trump Russia 'Golden Shower Dossier': Report Passed on to FBI as 'Foreign Intelligence'
Gears Of Biz
Since it emerged nine months ago, the so-called “golden shower dossier” on President Donald Trump compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele has been cited by Democrats as evidence of the Trump administration's ensnarement by Russian ...

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Electrically-charged Mars moon could jeopardize future exploration – NASA (VIDEO)

Preview Powerful solar eruptions could electrically charge Martian moons to hundreds of volts – a phenomenon that may impact future human and robotic explorers, according to a new NASA study.
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Photographer flies over North Korea, takes fascinating pictures of Pyongyang

Aram Pan, a photographer from Singapore, had a rare opportunity to fly above the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK, commonly known as North Korea, and take bird's eye view photos and videos of one of the most secluded capitals in the world

Afghan army base destroyed by Taliban suicide bombers

A third major attack in a week leaves at least 43 dead and nine wounded in the province of Kandahar.
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