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Thank you Colin Kaepernick

Thanks in part to the overt racism and sexism of Donald Trump, there have been numerous discussions about these issues and their prevalence in American culture.  On an almost weekly basis, websites are flooded with stories about people who espouse racist or sexist views in public, on social media, and at the ballot box. Whenever such incidents occur, Internet news sites are usually quick to condemn offenders, who sometimes suffer such consequences as loss of employment, eviction, and even criminal charges. But there is an unspoken adage in America, and indeed in any capitalist country:  Wrap evils in enough money, and they cease to be viewed as evils.

Homosexuality and the Decline in American Values

This paper presents an opinion which is not likely to be accepted by most modern Americans, especially those who are millennials and the homosexual community.       It is not meant to be considered homophobic, but an opinion based upon facts.       While being considered for Pravda, more than likely it would not be presented favorably by mainstream media in America, which tends to support this type of lifestyle. Furthermore, nothing has really changed that much through history, since President Lincoln, the "savior" of American, a Marxist and anti-Jeffersonian was an alleged bi-sexual (Brookhiser, 2005). Surely, numerous citations throughout history could be presented, but it is beyond the scope of an opinion to do so.
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