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Cutthroat Capitalism. Makhlai’s Criminal Empire: From Dusk till Dawn

By Roman Krotov On October 17, the Samara Regional Court will continue to consider the appeal of members of the ToAZ group. In July, the Togliatti Komsomolsky District Court found them guilty of a large-scale fraud committed as part of an organized criminal group. Vladimir Makhlai is a strikingly underrated figure in the criminal history of post-Soviet Russia. Having seized control of the most modern Soviet chemical plant Togliattiazot, he built his multi-billion-dollar empire stopping short of nothing - fraud, misappropriation, various criminal schemes - everything was good for him. Many representatives of the criminal business did not survive the 1990s, some have been in prison for a long time, and others have served and redeemed themselves. Yet, Vladimir Makhlai and his son Sergey, who adopted all of his father's methods, managed to remain virtually unpunished for almost three decades. However, it seems that Lady Justice now reached out to them. The 'Red'Director who Appropriated the Plant
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