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Jamal Khasshogi’s body could be dissolved in highly toxic acid

Investigators believe that the body of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi could be dissolved in acid, Sky News reports. The source of the publication, which is "very close to the investigation," said that, according to one of the versions, Khashoggi's body was destroyed under the influence of a very fast-acting acid.On October 2, a Saudi-born native Jamal Khashoggi went to the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul to receive divorce papers. He left his phone to his girlfriend and entered the building, from where he never returned.

Kerch college shooter grew up in dysfunctional family

The death toll from the massacre at the Kerch Polytechnic College has climbed to 21, officials with the Russian Ministry of Health said. The authorities consider the attacker, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov, to be one of the victims. All the dead have been identified by their relatives.More than 40 people were wounded in the slaughter. Doctors managed to help many of the teenagers, who were hospitalised with gunshot wounds after the shooting and the explosion at the college. Earlier, it was reported that by the Wednesday evening, ten children had been staying  in intensive care, five of them were in a coma. They all received surgery. Five others remain in serious condition.Three people from the number of those who received most severe wounds during the explosion regained consciousness. Those children, among others, are being transferred to Moscow for further treatment. Some others will be transferred to hospitals in Krasnodar and Simferopol. The list of the Kerch Polytechnical College massacre includes 15 students, of whom six are minors, another five are college employees.A source close to the investigation told TASS that Vladislav Roslyakov - the shooter, who committed suicide - would be assigned to psychological and psychiatric examination posthumously as specialists need to establish his psychological characteristics, as well as the motives that prompted him to commit such a terrible crime. Representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation confirmed this information.It was reported that Roslyakov could arrange the bloody massacre because of the conflicts that he may have had with teachers. Investigators are looking into his possible participation in extremist youth groups, although no confirmation to this has been found yet. It also became known that Roslyakov was a member of a shooting club and had interest in weapons. The young man legally received permission to acquire and possess firearms. In early October, he bought about 150 cartridges. Another bomb was found near his body after Roslyakov committed suicide.The father of Vladislav Roslyakov said that it was difficult to communicate with his son. He was leading a secluded lifestyle, did not have any friends. A former neighbour of the Kerch shooter told investigators that Vladislav would strange cats in his childhood. Investigators are looking for possible accomplices of the attacker. Roslyakov's father noted that he knew about his passion for computer games and weapons, but stressed that his son was a well-behaved and non-aggressive man. Vladislav Roslyakov was not growing in a well-to-do family: his father is disabled and lives separately from his son, while his mother is a member of Jehovah's Witnesses sect that was banned in Russia a few years ago.Roslyakov's classmates previously called him a calm and quiet young man. He had no visible reasons for committing the massacre, his acquaintances believe.

Russia sees first mass school shooting organised by 18-year-old student

The young man, who arranged the mass shooting and the explosion in the Kerch college, could have an accomplice.  The shooter has been killed and identified. Eighteen people were killed and 50 injured in the tragedy that shocked Russia on October 17. The college director compared the tragedy to what happened in Beslan in 2004. The shooter was identified as Vladislav Roslyakov; he was 18 years old, official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko said. The young man was found dead on the second floor of the college. It is believed that he committed suicide. The attacker was captured on CCTV cameras inside the building. Roslyakov entered the Polytechnic College in 2015. On September 8, he received permission for a 12-caliber rifle. Several day ago, the young man purchased 150 cartridges for it. Experts believe that the tragedy that the man had organised was not a spontaneous massacre, but a very well thought-out terrorist attack. Roslyakov may have had an accomplice who could detonate the bomb remotely, because the scale of the tragedy excludes the participation of only one attacker. It is believed that one of the students, supposedly an accomplice, had left a backpack in the canteen shortly before the explosion. Most of the victims of the tragedy died of gunshot wounds, forensic experts said. Vladislav Roslyakov entered the school at about 11:43 a.m., went up to the second floor and started shooting everyone he could see there. At 11:45 he ran out of cartridges and went downstairs, where he exploded his bomb. Below is the list of past violent incidents at Russian schools. Moscow, February 3, 2014: a tenth-grader named as Sergei Gordeev, armed with a carbine and rifle, came to School N263, where he shot a geography teacher and took classmates hostage. Then he opened fire on the policemen who arrived at the scene, killing a security officer. On March 3, 2015, the court sent the teenager to compulsory psychiatric treatment.Bryansk, December 15, 2014. A 15-year-old student wounded a classmate from an air pistol in the changing room of the school gym. According to officials, a conflict sparked between the students, during which the teenager pulled out a pistol and fired several shots in the walls and in the floor. One of the bullets ricocheted into the foot of the girl who was standing nearby.Nizhnekamsk, February 11, 2017. A 14-year-old student fired a pneumatic pistol into his neighbor's eye during a class at School N1. On February 17, the victim died of the wound at hospital.Komi Republic, on May 12, 2017. In the town of Usinsk, a student opened fire from an air pistol at other children outside School N2 wounding a girl in the eye.Ivanteevka, Moscow region, September 5, 2017. A 9th-grader, armed with a kitchen hatchet and a traumatic gun, came to school, where he attacked a teacher and started blow up self-made firecrackers in the classroom. The attacker was promptly detained. The teacher, who suffered a cranial injury, was hospitalised in serious condition. Three students who jumped out of a class window to safety suffered injuries. Vysokovsk, Moscow region, November 28, 2017. A teenager brought a knife and inflicted a stab wound to his classmate's neck. The two boys had had a quarrel before. Irkutsk, December 18, 2017. A quarrel broke out between minors in one of the schools of the city. One of the students stabbed the opponent. The wounded 15-year-old teenager died. The 16-year-old attacker had been previously prosecuted.Komsomolsk-on-Amur, December 22, 2017. A ninth grade student started shooting a gun on the territory of the school. The teenager went to the school porch and fired a pistol that outwardly looked like a pneumatic one. Several bullets ricocheted into three seventh-graders, one of them suffered hematomas.Perm, January 15, 2018. Two 16-year-olds came to school wielding knives. Upon entering the classroom where children of one of the lower grades were studying, the attackers inflicted multiple stab wounds on the students and the teacher. The attackers also stabbed each other and were hospitalised. The attacked ended with 15 hospitalised individuals, among them fourth-grade students and their teacher. Ulan-Ude, January 19, 2018. A ninth-grader attacked seventh grade students at School N5 with an ax, and set fire to the class by throwing a Molotov cocktail into the room. Seven people, including a teacher and six children, suffered injuries. The attacker himself was hospitalised as well, after he tired to inflict stab wounds to himself before jumping out of the window.

Crimea terrorist attack: Young man shoots students, then blows up his bomb

The man who organised the terrorist attack on the Polytechnical College in the city of Kerch in the Crimea committed suicide. The man was 22 years old, he was a fourth-year student of the college, the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov said, adding that the student was a resident of Kerch. Eyewitnesses say that there was a shooting inside the college building before the explosion occurred there. The explosion took place on the first floor, and someone was shooting at those who were on the second floor, reports say. The building of the college was damaged as a result of the explosion. Rescue services say that some may still remain under the rubble. As many as 15 people are believed to be missing. "I looked out of the classroom and saw a guy with a rifle shooting everyone. I closed the door in a hope that he will not find me. The police came in about ten minutes. I don't know what happened to the shooter. When they started evacuating people, I left too. All windows in the corridor, where the explosion occurred, were smashed. Bodies were everyone on the floor," an eyewitness said. Three days of mourning were declared in the Crimea in connection with the terrorist attack. All schools and kindergartens in the city of Kerch were closed. It was reported that the shooter exploded his bomb after he ran out of cartridges. The number of hospitalised individuals has increased to 40. 

Explosion rips through school in Crimea, 10 killed

An explosion ripped through the Polytechnic College in the city of Kerch in the Crimea. The explosion, which is believed to be a natural gas blast, has killed at least ten people and injured 50 others, KrymInfo news agency reports with reference to local EMERCOM services. "We were standing outside, when the explosion occurred. Windows on two floors of the building blew up," an eyewitness said. "Many people were injured, paramedics load them into ER vehicles, four of five vehicles have already left, and more are coming one after another. There's shattered glass everywhere," another person said. "Something happened in the dining room. There are people with machine guns there," say local residents. It was later said that there were not enough ER vehicles in the city to transport all the injured. Public transport was involved in the operation to rescue the victims of the blast. The cause of the explosion is yet to be established.
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